Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Silver Spoons....Everyday!

These are my parents' everyday spoons........yes, when you eat your Rice Krispies at their home....you will use one of these beautiful antique sterling silver spoons that were passed down from my great aunts to my Dad and Mom.......there are more of them than shown here but when I was taking the picture some were sitting in the kitchen sink waiting to be washed....why?....because Mom and Dad use them every day....for everything from stirring their morning coffee to eating their dish of ice cream before bed. If you look close you can see the months of the year....complete with the astrological sign and corresponding flower. I just love these pretty spoons and I love the fact that my parents are enjoying and using their precious heirlooms and can appreciate them each and every day......I think I'm ready for some chocolate ice-cream.


Carole said...

They make ice cream even more sweet. Love the spoons...

cheryl kuhn said...

I would love to eat some chocolate ice cream with those wonderful spoons!!

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

There is nothing quite like eating with beautiful cutlery! If you take a look at my blog, you will see that I have an award there for you!
Isabelle x

Rosemary said...

They are just beautiful!!
I love that they use them everyday. Why save something so pretty for special times?
I try to use my things for everyday too.
Have a wonderful day,

Stephanie said...

The spoons are beautiful. Even better that they use them everyday!

lottens vita och gröna said...

hallo laura, your blog is sooo beautiful, the spoons is lovely!
have a nice weekend!//lotten from sweden

Hollypop's said...

I think that is great, their spoons are so lovely and the fact they are enjoyed everyday is as it should be, not hidden away in a drawer.
Take care.

Lenore said...

Wow, Laura....what a wonderful give away, give back.
I would love a vintage chintz tea cup and saucer or some vintage mother of pearl buttons.
See me at my blog.....avintageobsession.blogspot.com