Thursday, August 30, 2012

Little Bits of Blue Enamelware

My Bouckville flea finds were many.
But, I am probably most delighted with these little bits of  blue enamelware.
So dear.
So blue.
Pure charm.

I just can't help myself!

Family is coming and going.
We actually made a list of all the days this week and how many would be here for dinner each night.
One night 9...then 7....then 9 again...then 4....then 8.
It gets confusing but...'s all good! :)

It's been quite a summer...
...long with many beautiful days...
...and at the same time it seems to have flown by.

The mountain air is cool now...temperature in the 40's this morning.  
It warms up quickly though...
 ... yesterday Mr. Flea and I took a long early morning kayak ride.
Photos of osprey, loons, herons and ducks to follow soon.

Hope you are all well.
Thank you for your comments and emails!

Off to the shop and then train station...
Comings and goings...

Friday, August 24, 2012

More of Bouckville 2012

Whenever I am at Brimfield or Bouckville I look for one of my favorite vendors...Keenan Antiques.

They always have a wonderful selection
 of many of my favorite things...

They travel to Europe and bring back lots
 of lovely English and French antiques.

It was from Pat and Gary that I bought my
 antique white French enamel canisters ...
...I love those canisters even more now
 than when I first found them ten years ago!


Besides Bouckville, NY and Brimfield, MA...
the Keenans display their hand selected decorative accessories
 in shows throughout Pennsylvania.

On Thursday...just before we left Bouckville,
 we ran into Gina from Vintage Junk In My Trunk.
It was good to catch up and compare notes on our treasure hunting.
She and husband Paul spend the week here each year!

Here is sister Lynn with, what we are pretty sure are,
 two boards from an old quilt frame.
We bought all four boards.
 I love the old ticking tacked to them and think that they would
 work great as pot racks or to hang herbs to dry...
...that is, of course, if they are not used for quilting! 

Lynn is somewhat of a doll this pic is for her.
She has accused me of writing on the face of my Shirley Temple doll when I was all of 8 years old...
...I have no recollection of that...she probably made up that story.

I must add that Lynn is a real trooper and kept her usual sunny,
 cheerful disposition throughout our three long days of trudging 
through fields of glorious antique passion...not necessarily hers.

Anyway, I'm blessed to have two wonderful sisters who support,
  encourage and put up with all my shenanigans.


Yellow ware. 
Someday...I will unpack my collection and share photos with you.

I really loved this country cupboard.
If only I had a space for it.

I loved this booth.
The artist...elevated humble, everyday but interesting items
into objets d'art ... mounting them and creating wonderful displays.

...and that's it for day 3 at Bouckville!
After we had a yummy lunch at Quack's Diner we headed out to Westmoreland, NY to a terrific multi dealer shop that had been recommended to us by Susan and of the friendly and fun couples we met at the B&B we stayed at.
  I was able to find a few things to take home with me there too! 

Next up...a few photos of the treasures I found!

Hope you are all well...and enjoying the end of the summer!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bouckville 2012 - Day 2

Continuing on with our pictorial review of all the goodness
 that was to be seen at Madison Bouckville this year...

Have you ever seen so many locks in one place?

You would think that I still cook by these photos...

Yes, it is a wicker casket!

a two seater.


I. love. this. blue.

...from an old drive-in movie theater!

This is Martha MacDonald from Tara's Treasures.
Her booth was full of lots of little treasures
 all arranged in wonderful and creative vignettes.

It was her first time selling at Bouckville
 and she was mobbed on the first day...
...with city dealers actually fighting over her merchandise!

I met Martha for the first time a number of years ago
 when she was set up at Warrensburg.

I loved her look then...and still do now!

This creative artist had some wonderful steam punk type lamps.
I took his card but can't find if you know his name...
please let me know so I can give him proper credit.

Two young Amish men carrying a treadle machine
that they purchased for one of their wives.

wood hat molds...

A printer's type cabinet...almost exactly like the one I bought from my friend Deanna's shop Gather in Ivoryton, CT. 
Still hoping to bring mine back to this beautiful state!

And I just couldn't resist these last two shots...

You just never know what you will find...
...or who will buy what! 

More photos to come!