Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Bird's Nest Inn and Beyond

The Bird's Nest Inn is the secluded tiny get away
 behind Paula's little old farmhouse.

In a former life, it housed chickens.

Now, it is a romantic secret bedroom
 with lovely views of Paula's gardens.


Inside is an inviting comfy bed...ready and waiting
 for an afternoon nap,
 a place to sneak away and read a good book... 

...or sit and have a glass of wine in the evening...

...or perhaps a romantic interlude (blush)...
...or a good night's sleep in the cool night air
 after a hot summer day.

Or how about a seat in the rope swing for perfect views
 out the screened windows into the garden.

The witch's hat or sputnik as we refer to it...
...has a romantic story behind it.
 Paula asked her love, Bill...on their very first date...
... to help her drag this rusty relic home.
He did, no questions asked...and she knew she had a keeper! 

An open air dining room...
Paula is going to craft some airy curtains to hang here
 and plans to fill those urns with ivy this year.

The wisteria was glorious in mid May and covered the garage.


It has grown up and through the old shuttered door. 

And...where did that single red tulip come from?
Paula's garden palette may include some pinks and lavenders
 along with her white flowers but this lonely little red tulip
 appeared out of nowhere.
 I guess everybody and every-blossom
wants a chance to be in Paula's gardens! :)

There are several bushes of white bleeding hearts which were luminous and beautiful in the shade.

I hope you have enjoyed this visit
 to my dear friend Paula's gardens.
These photos were taken in mid May and with each day,
 new growth and surprises appear to delight the eye.

Some of you have asked why Paula doesn't have a blog.
 It is because she would rather spend her free time in the gardens, or creating in her cottage and not on the computer.
 She doesn't even own a cell tell me, how much more time would you have if you weren't looking at Instagram or checking Facebook?
I think she has the right idea! 
(But don't try to take my Iphone away from me!)

So, do I have more photos of inside the farmhouse?
Yes, of course.
Also...of some of our favorite shops and Brimfield too.
Coming soon...

Thank you always for your comments...
Paula loves to hear what you think of her home and gardens.
 And I, of course, love to hear from you and appreciate the time it takes to leave a word or two.

Hoping all is well with you...
We are at the lake with family and friends for Memorial Day weekend.
 Lots of rain and cold...but happy to be together!

Take care, Laura

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Paula's Cottage and Gardens in Early May

 Hello again!
Back from Florida with Dad...
...a few days home...before we head to the lake.
Here are a few more photos from my visit to Paula's last week.
Her cottage was fresh and as charming as always...
 and her early spring gardens were beautiful and promised a  spectacular show
 to come in just a few weeks.

Tiny Finch and Dove eggs came from Paula's sister Carol .

Paula's tiny kitchen is packed with charm
 and reflects her unique decorating style.
 I can attest to the fact that although small in size
 it has served up many delicious meals!

Outside the back door, one of her window boxes just planted with purple blossoms from our good friend Carole 
at Maynard Greenhouse in Old Saybrook.

I just love the texture and look of the patio
 with these tiny flowers, moss and lichen.

It is such a pretty time of year here in Paula's gardens 
with all the ferns and shade flowers just beginning to bloom.

Years ago, Paula and I both bought a few Giant Solomon Seal
 plants at a Trade Secrets Show.
Mine are still thriving at the lake in the Adirondacks...
and Paula's have multiplied and are stunning!

Her lilacs were just beginning to bloom.

The Bird's Nest Inn is stunning and deserves its very own post... highlight the charm of this unexpected little get away!

So...stay tuned for lots more photos from Paula's home
 and my mini vacation in beautiful Connecticut.

Thank you for all your lovely comments.
I read and appreciate them so much!