Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Easter Blessings to You and your family!
 from Laura and hers...

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring and Blogging Blues

So...I don't know why I haven't felt much like blogging lately.

Maybe it's because there are so many other things
 I should be doing...

Maybe it's because folks don't seem as interested...
...I know I don't seem to get around to visiting other blogs as much.

What I have been enjoying is Instagram
 as it just takes a minute to snap a pic and upload it.
They are not polished photos...just a bit gritty...
life as I live it...and see it...directly from my Iphone.
kind of fun...

Maybe I'm lazy...after all blogging takes much more time.
How about you? Are you blogging as much?
 Are you following as many blogs?

Maybe it's spring fever!

In any case...wanted to say hello to you all and wish you a very
Happy Easter and Happy Passover.
:) Laura

Monday, March 18, 2013

A Visit to Robyn Story Designs and Boutique

About a week ago, sister Lynn and I had the pleasure of visiting

9249 Lazy Lane, Tampa Florida 33614
Phone: (813) 931-9307

From the moment we stepped inside we were enthralled with all that this sophisticated and elegant shop had to offer.

 There were rooms of lovely furnishings, unique jewelry,
 fashion accessories and decorative home accessories ...
... all arranged in artful and creative vignettes.

Truly, there was something for everyone.

Lynn and I picked up some pretty papers and a gift or two.
I also bought a copy of the book Vintage by Nina
which I am enjoying.

The most gorgeous Bella Notte linens were on display.
Oh, I wish I was in a position to buy a load of these beauties!

There were vintage items mixed in with new home decor.

Those luxurious!

There were lovely original oil paintings and other art work
 and many vignettes included gorgeous silk flower arrangements.

In fact, there were rooms full of high quality, realistic
 and beautifully colored silk flowers...
...every kind imaginable.

They are known for their custom floral designs.

Robyn Story Designs is a stockist for Annie Sloan Chalk paints.
They also carry Artisan Enhancements by Aloha Coatings.
This product line included Transfer Gel, Easy Crackle, Crackle Tex,
 Leaf & Foil Size, Fine Stone, Pearl Plaster and Clear Topcoat.

Robyn, herself, was there and took the time to demonstrate
 the application of many of the products.
 She shared many of her tried and true techniques and tips.

I bought several Annie Sloan brushes and a few tins of the
Gilders Paste which is a wax based medium
 that comes in many colors and is used to highlight.

     I can't wait to try it with my Annie Sloan Chalk paints
 on some new projects at home.
 I plan on doing quite a bit of painting this spring!
Let's hope I follow through on those plans!

Additionally they carry Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paints
 which I have not tried yet but hear good things about too!

The spring time vignettes in this wonderful boutique
 were full of charming bunnies! 
I love bunnies. :)

There was an abundance of lighting choices
 and some fabulous chandeliers that took my breath away.

Robyn couldn't have been friendlier or more gracious.
She really was generous with her time,
 her design knowledge and her painting tips. 
Other staff members were friendly and attentive too!

Everywhere we looked, there was inspiration...
...creativity and artful ideas were in each arrangement.

If needed, professional design services are offered. 

I enjoyed our visit here so much and am grateful to my sister Lynn who, after meeting Robyn at last November's Fancy Flea in Lakeland...sought out the boutique in Tampa.
She knew I would love it and brought me back!

As an added and delightful bonus we also met Becky
 from the blog One Shabby Old House
 who just happened to stop in as we were leaving!

By the way...
...the next Fancy Flea in downtown Lakeland, FL
 will be April 6th from 9 to 4.
I highly recommend it!

I will be heading north on Wednesday... is the first day of spring so New York....take note!
Looking forward to seeing my family and friends, spring flowers and of course, my very own Mr. Flea!

Oh!...and a very Happy Birthday today to my son Dan!
...the best son ever!

Dad is doing well...thank you for your thoughts and prayers.
We are truly grateful for your well wishes.
Hoping things are good for YOU! 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Visit to Adjectives Market

Hey! I'm back!
Well, not really....still in Florida.
But, I'm here at my laptop and actually putting up a post.
Let me tell you...retirement is exhausting!

Well, Sister Lynn is officially out of Chicago
 and almost all moved into her Florida home.

The first week in March she needed to be in Orlando
and after a delightful breakfast with nephew Michael
(whose lovely wife Elan is expecting Lynn's first grandchild)
(mega excitement!)
...we made our way to Adjectives Market in Altamont Springs.

Bonnie and Clyde may just be the most photographed dears ever...
...but their charm welcomed us into the booth of French Nest 
and set the tone for our entire visit.

Gorgeous linens...really beautiful things!
Sister Lynn cannot stop thinking about the pretties in this booth.


There were really interesting collections and unique items
 throughout this antique cooperative.

I just loved this creative idea of using
 a vintage wire lamp shade frame as a plant holder! 

...pretty cool, right?

...letters, galore.

Loved this old gate used as a door for this cupboard.

A bit of Florida kitsch...
...Lynn, especially adores all things Floridian...
...she went to college here, met her man and all three boys
 were born in this sunny happy state!

The Old Crow had many re-purposed and artsy offerings.

Stellar Junk offered Miss Mustard Seed milk paints.

Upstairs, Paris Market had a wonderful selection
 of vintage clothes and accessories.

And, then finally...
Looking down from the upstairs balcony...
I spied the booth of my friend Shelley of Sweet Pea Home.

As expected, she had an incredibly decorated and unique booth
 which included a wall of beautiful Magnolia Pearl apparel.

 Fun letters...

(sorry for the blurry phone photo)

Wonderful art....

...and,of course you know, I love 
all things child like and whimsical.
(after all...I am going to be a great-aunt!)

I hope you enjoyed this quick tour of The Adjectives Market.

I am sorry that not every booth is identified...
...if I have captured an image from your booth without naming it
 please let me know and I will label the photo!

I can't say enough good things about this place... was open and airy, well run and very organized.
The folks there were so gracious and helpful!
Gorgeous vignettes and arrangements in each booth.
Sister Lynn has plans to take her Florida neighbors and girlfriends
 and I will surely be back on my next visit south!

Next post...
Our visit to Robyn Story Designs....oh my!
Robyn also has a booth at Adjectives
 where she sells Annie Sloan Paints, books, supplies, decor, etc.
...but her shop in Tampa....ooh la la!

Hope you are all well....
Thank you for your emails and well wishes for Dad.
He is holding his own...tired...but good!
Half-way through his chemo treatments...working on his latest dollhouse.
Go Dad...go! :)