Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas Feast

The Christmas season evokes sweet memories of childhood
and cozy, comfy thoughts...

On Saturday, we ate Thanksgiving leftovers at my sister 's home and immediately after...
we started planning our dinner menu for Christmas!
...this little blue antique book, "Christmas Feast" makes me smile!

About twenty years ago, my mother in law fashioned these hearts from antique fabrics for me ...I still love them.

As you pull out your decorations this season, I hope good memories of simpler days and happy times spent with family come to mind.
I am so grateful for the many cozy, comfy memories of Christmas' past spent with my family.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Vintage Blue Christmas

This long holiday weekend turned out to be sunny and cool....we were able to take walks along the Croton and Hudson rivers and enjoy the beautiful November weather...

After Dan left this morning to drive back to school, I started to pull out some Christmas decorations...

Vintage blue ornaments...

Wishing I could stay home tomorrow and continue playing and decorating... will have to wait till next weekend!

Joan of Anything Goes Here is hosting Vintage Christmas sure to check out all the other participants and their vintage Christmas treasures!

Friday, November 27, 2009


The wish is old,
The wish is true,
A merry Christmas,
My friends, to you

I thoroughly enjoyed spending the day with personal techie, my bright, funny and oh so patient son. My ipod is up to date, my new printer/scanner is installed and fabulous, my laptop is backed up and my heart is filled with admiration and love for this thoughtful and kind child of ours (OK, he's adult now) .
I wish and pray that life will bring all good things to him and his sister.....
...and I wish the same for you!
:) Laura

Vintage Black Lunchbox

Today is a day of transition! We are moving from our autumn, Thanksgiving holiday mode into the Christmas season...a season of magic and wonder!
But first, our last Vintage Black Friday post...
This is Uncle George's lunchbox! He was a carpenter by trade for many years and at 92 years old he is now happily retired and no longer needs his trusty and just a tad rusty lunch box...

Transitioning.....a little vintage Santa...

Pow! A lunchbox full of shiny bright Christmasy foil thingies!

...a vintage black store receipt holder....

My flea market found shoes...the sheet music liners are a bit bright...will have to tone them down a bit...

Enjoy the season!
Dan and I are off to shop! What else to do on Black Friday?!
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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Turkey Day!

Dan arrived home safe and sound from law school this afternoon!
Tomorrow morning I will be up early preparing my contributions to our Thanksgiving dinner. We are looking forward to spending the day at my sister's home with family and friends.

Hope your day is relaxing and filled with good food, good friends and lots of family fun!

Because on Friday, once Thanksgiving is over....
the Christmas season is upon us!
Happy Turkey Day! :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving Postcards

I had another birthday today.

I received calls from my parents, in-laws, sisters and brother, close family friends, girlfriends, and children. All kinds of birthday wishes were sung to me!

I received birthday cards in the mail.
(Even one from Anthropologie with a 15% discount card)!

I received emails from friends at work.
(They really appreciated the edible birthday treats I brought in)

My nieces and nephews and friends of my children posted on my wall on Facebook.
They made me feel cool.

I received text messages from my daughter.

My husband offered to take me to dinner and since sleep was what I really desired...he put a lighted candle in a dish of coffee ice cream and sang to me.

I received a lot of love today!

I am so grateful for this love and very thankful for all that I have!
Thanksgiving wishes to all!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Last Flea For Me

Well, not really the last flea ever....just the last flea market for the season!
And look what I found! Giant number 52...old metal signs from a gas station. They were a bargain because they appeared to be rusty....when I washed them off at home it turned out to be just caked on mud so they cleaned right up and now they look pretty good! I have no idea what to do with them....but am sure I will figure something out!

Some nice old wooden blocks...

Buckets of locally grown beautiful fresh cranberries!

...and an old cranberry scoop a few tables away...

Work this week has been really tough and I was beginning to think I was losing my marbles...
...not to worry...there were lots and lots of marbles at the flea this week!

Look at this box full of feathers!

A lovely lady was considering this vintage pink girdle with attached garters....I promised I wouldn't reveal her face if she held it up for me to take a picture!

And then it started to get weird! A French couple were selling these mannequins...

...and this porcelain pair of hands

...and this half dress form covered in white linen...
The porcelain hands and dress form came home with me....for very little money.
The wheels are turning in my head...I'm full of ideas!

This beige linen table cloth and napkins were vintage but never used...

Clark thread advertising cards....great graphics on the back and sweet lake pictures on the front!

I found a wonderful photo album with a brown tooled leather was full of early photographs and tin types...

...a striking beauty!

I was pleased as the prices were very reasonable. I have a feeling that the dealers were trying to move as much merchandise as possible since it is the end of the season...

This, however was the icing on the cake! A box full of letters from 1866 to 1871...beautiful old penmanship...I am waiting for a quiet time when I can sit and read through these...the few I looked at seemed to be written from a daughter to her mother. I will make copies to use in art projects.

So, together with the vintage Christmas ornaments you saw yesterday, this completes my finds at this last flea for me! I will miss this particular market during the next few cold and wintry months ... and will be ready to go when it opens again in April.
Take care,
:) Laura