Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Few Valentine Postcards For YOU!

I thought you might enjoy a few cute Valentine
 postcards from my collection.

I did not get a chance to scan any others before I left for Florida
but...the ones below I have shared previously
 and perhaps you would like to use them for art projects. 

I just love this one.
  It is signed on the bottom by Mr. Flea's great aunt Jennie.

I have been having some quiet afternoon fun here with Dad.
While he is working on his doll house...
I have been crafting with thrift store finds
 and Valentine odds and ends.

Here is a sneak peak at Poppa Flea's dollhouse.
He didn't really want me to show it until it is complete...
...but that will be a long time from now!
You can see how big it is...
...that is my Mom's large china cupboard in the background.
The dollhouse fills the table it sits on which is 5 feet long.

Tonight Dad and I are going to The Show Palace 
for dinner and to see Hairspray.
Life in this retirement community is calm and peaceful...
Perhaps I could get used to this!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thursday Random Ramblings

You asked to see what I bought at Renningers...
just this....and only this little clock face.

Remember...I was with Dad
 and we were only there an hour and a half.

But we had fun...
...and we were together.
 I plan to come to the February Extravaganza alone if I can borrow a car! 

This small compote is a family piece.

I love it...
...and took it out for a little photo shoot.

This little sterling tray is another family piece.
I put it on the dresser in the guest room and filled it with the silver and turquoise pieces of jewelry I brought with me.
I know, it needs polishing!

The chunky turquoise bracelet was made by the famous
   I was lucky enough to win it several years ago
 in one of her fantastic giveaways.

Perfect to wear and also display in this season of hearts.

Thanks to all of your great comments on the Renninger's post.
I really wish you all could have been with me...
...boy would that have been fun!

Next month, I plan to stay longer...
...much longer!

The Brighton heart was given to me by my little sister MaryBeth.
The silver locket was Mom's.

I have been having a fair amount of success at the church sales and thrift stores in the area and will share my finds soon!

Oh...and I would like to say...
Hello and welcome to new followers and readers!
I am so happy you found me
 and look forward to getting to know you better.

And, yes sister Lynn...
...this is one of your linen napkins.
...a gorgeous, French, over-sized, slate blue linen serviette from the set that I bought for you
 from Corey Amaro's wonderful online Tongue in Cheek brocante shop.

I'm just borrowing it since you are not here in Florida!

And to all my other friends...
Hope the weekend ahead finds YOU 
feeling fine and having fun!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Renningers Extravaganza - Quick!

We spent a quick hour and a half 
at Renningers Extravaganza in Mount Dora Saturday.
Please enjoy these photos of things I spied
 in that short amount of time!

While Dad and I were enjoying the Florida sunshine...
...poor Mr. Flea was shoveling snow in New York.
Well, at least he can ski now!

Hope you enjoyed this long post of our quick tour...
...did you see anything you might have wanted to bring home?