Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Last Lilac Season

Hello friends...
Thought you might like a peek at our lovely lilacs
 as this is our last spring here in the Hudson River Valley.

Once again, these faithful lilacs bring back happy memories,
 especially of my Mom and Nana.

We have transplanted some shoots up to the lake house and
 hopefully will be able to enjoy these family blooms for many years
 to come in the Adirondacks.

 Lilacs do well there as they love the cool mountain weather.

Doesn't my antique bee skep look even more fantastic
 adorned with these lovely lilacs?

Wishing you all a beautiful season
 of pretty blossoms and fun flea markets!

I am off on an exciting adventure with my Dad, sister and brother in law. We are headed to Paris tomorrow for a few days, and then will cruise on the Seine to Normandy. It is Dad's 88th birthday!

...I know, unbelievably lucky!
...feeling blessed and very grateful.
Will take photos!