Saturday, October 29, 2011

W. The Antiques Lover and the flea market at la Corte dei Miracoli

 Walter and Daniela

I took about 1,500 pictures on our trip to Italy.
We saw some amazing places.
...and You asked to start with the flea market.
Shame on you!

Just was one of the highlights of our trip for sure!

Anyway, to give you a bit of background...
W. The Antiques Lover...aka my friend Walter...
lives in Italy about an hour north of Venice by train.
When he learned that we would be traveling to Italy...
he volunteered to meet us in Venice and show us around.

 As the itinerary of our trip became clear,
 Walter excitedly told me that the very special
 flea market at la Corte dei Miracoli 
would be taking place the very weekend we would be in Venice!

He sent me pictures to tease me...
he mailed me the most beautiful blue Murano glass necklace hand made by his dear friend Daniela who would be exhibiting there.

 I tried to be nonchalant with my family...
"if it works out...possibly I will meet Walter
 and maybe even go to a local flea market."

They agreed!
I'm so lucky to have family that indulges me so.

In any case, we met Walter and Daniela near the Grand Canal and Daniela led us down narrow streets, over bridges and through the mysterious and romantic neighborhoods of Venice.

Walter told us all about Venice and pointed out
 architectural details as we walked along.

Santa Maria dei Miracoli, Venice

The prettiest church in Venice.
People often travel to Venice just to be married here.

We took a peek inside...

 ...and then...
we were there!

Here I was...
at a spectacular flea market Venice, Italy!

We found so many beautiful things...
including some lovely Murano glass jewelry
 made by Daniela and her husband Alfredo.
It was a pleasure to meet this talented couple!

Have a look at some of what we saw...

Sister Lynn was completely taken
 with all the delicate Venetian lace.

We purchased at least three or four of these beautiful authentic Murano glass necklaces made by Daniela and her husband Alfredo.

I loved these lavender and purple French books...
W. The Antiques Lover did some bargaining
 for me in Italian and I brought a few home!

I thought I would die when I saw this box of spectacular ex votos.

Walter pointed out this beautiful glass dove
 that he has had his eye on.

Walter showed us these beautiful Venetian glass lanterns.

 After our afternoon at this wonderful flea market,
 we shared a cappuccino with Walter
 before he had to leave to catch the train home.

 Meeting Walter in person was such a thrill for me...
I felt an instant connection and knew I had met a kindred spirit as soon as I looked into his warm and friendly brown eyes.

Cool Junk is our common denominator!

 Besides his obvious good looks,
 Walter was charming,
 bright and funny.
 He was oh so gracious and good to my family.
He invited us back and I hope some day to take him up on his offer.

My family enjoyed the experience so much...
we went back to the flea the next morning!

Do you want to see more Venice flea market pictures
 or should we go to Pompeii or Capri now?