Monday, January 28, 2013

Collecting and Selling

Hello, my name is Laura.

 I'm better at collecting than I am at selling.
 I often have seller's remorse.

...that's all I can share today.


Sunday, January 27, 2013

He Missed Me

Mr. Flea met me at the airport with a big smile, a huge hug,
 a kiss and a tuna sandwich...
 and his very own, first attempt at 
homemade oatmeal cookies! 

He missed me.
The cookies were delicious
 and so were the brownies he made yesterday.
Who is this guy?
 Who knew, after all these years,
 that there was a baker living in our home?!

I had a great time in Chicago
 with my sister Lynn and brother in law Steve...
we worked together and their home is packed in pods
 and ready for delivery in Florida...
...which is much warmer than Chicago!

It is good to be home in NY...
...but so much to do as I won't be here for long.

What have you been up to?

Having been unplugged for this long
 it will take me a while to catch up with you all!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Vintage Millinery Finds and More

Sister Lynn and I have been discovering lots of treasures
 in her home as we clean out the corners and nooks and crannies...wrapping and packing everything in sight.

But I did not expect to find boxes of vintage hats
 with lovely millinery flowers! 

Now, Lynn loves pretty things and appreciates vintage treasures...especially if they were passed down within our family.  She is not, however, the hoarder collector that I am.

These pretty hats were discovered by a friend of hers many years ago up in the attic of the home she was living in.
  The friend gave them all to Lynn, a teacher...
for the "dress up" corner in her classroom.

...those blue velvet leaves are soooo pretty! 

Do you remember Marshall Field's?
After all....we are in Chicago here.

Lynn opened the pretty white box
 with the Marshall Field's logo...
...and separated the tissue paper with their gold seal.

...and there it was!
  In all its purple heavenlyness....

This, Lynn said, belonged to Sadie Arlene Auman....
my brother in law's grandmother.

Oh me...oh my!

...such gorgeousness!!!!

Lynn has offered her collection of beautiful vintage hats to me...
...all but this spectacular it was Sadie Arlene's.

I surely don't blame her!


...and then we unearthed this!
Lynn's wedding gown from 1975!
Isn't it lovely?!
  She was such a beautiful bride!

Such pretty lace!

This is a surprise post... I did not expect to be back at Paneras so soon! 

Until next time!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Gifts of Friendship

While I wait here at Paneras...using their internet...
for my sister and brother in law to pick me up....
...I thought I would show you some photos of the yummy gifts
 that were exchanged last week at Evi's luncheon.
(notice I didn't say "share"....can't, because they have all disappeared by now!")

Anyway, Debbie filled silver paint cans with wonderful treats
 including my all time favorites..her delicious meringue mushrooms.
 (I didn't even share these with Mr. Flea!)

Carole made these awesome lemon marshmallows....
She also gave each of us a beautiful green fern
 which I am hoping to keep alive...
prayers appreciated!

...and Evi gifted us with a beautifully decorated box
 full of her homemade cookies and, much more.
(sorry no photos of those treasures until I return home).

Deanna gave me some fabulous vintage glass bottles with stoppers.
Photos taken with my iPhone...

Paula...oh dear Paula...
...she presented me with a hand stamped and decorated box 
full of the most amazing vintage rubber stamps!
We spied them together in Essex while treasure hunting
back in November...
...and she secretly returned later to buy them for me for Christmas.

LOVE them!

But, most of all...
I love the friendships that we share...
I love how we are all able to pick up right where we left off
 and not skip a beat even though it may be months
 since we last saw each other.
Many, many thanks to Evi for hosting us all last week.

And many thanks to all my friends here
 for all your warm and encouraging comments. 

And a special thanks to our sweetest friend
 Mags from The French Bear...
...she sent a gift along to Evi to give to me at the party.
Such a lovely surprise!
Lynn and I have been packing her home up like crazy.
  We hope to take a few hours off tomorrow afternoon
 to check out an antique mall in the area. :)
That should be fun!

Until the next time I have internet access....take care! :)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Evi's Holiday Home...Continued

Back to Evi's holiday home and fun and delicious holiday luncheon!

I am currently sitting in a Panera's...
(love their gouda and sausage souffle :) 
...and have an hour to quick put this post up before church!

In Evi's kitchen she has this wonderful scrubbed pine cupboard that her talented husband Ebbie reconfigured to fit the space above her counter.  Evi then had this beautiful red toile fabric set behind chicken wire on the doors.

This winter, Evi dressed her bed in this wonderful quilt
 with muted reds and browns.

I just love the stenciling Evi did all around the room
 just beneath the ceiling.

If I were able to have and keep a home as pristine as Evi....
....I promise I would exercise each morning
 with these old wood barbells!

This shelf above the desk in the second bedroom holds Evi's collections of little stuffed dogs...
...many of which she uses as accessories when creating her dolls.
I always keep a lookout for treasures like this for Evi
 when I am out searching in the flea markets.

This is also the room that Paula and I slept in one year
 when we girls had a PJ party! 
:)....that was so much fun!

While we were having our fun afternoon...
these neighbors kept peering in at us....
...obviously they knew were the action was and wanted to join us.

It broke my heart to turn this sweet dear  deer away!

So...yesterday was Mr. Flea's and my anniversary...
...he in NY and me in Chicago!
Happy Anniversary honey! 

Lynn and I are working hard packing up her pretty things...
...a few more days and we plan to visit some shops
 and do a little treasure hunting. 
 Thanks so much to the kind friends who have emailed me their recommendations and tips for vintage and antique spots in the area!
I will be reporting back as soon as I am able...with photos.

Until well, be kind and have fun!