Friday, April 30, 2010


When I was young I wanted to grow up to be the Ivory Soap girl...

My grandmother used to tell me that my skin was like peaches and cream.

It wasn't until I was in my 30's that my sister looked at me one day and said...
"you know, your skin isn't really all that great ... you should wear foundation."

And she took me to Macys' cosmetic counter and we bought my first bottle of Lancome foundation. What would I do without my sister? She always has my back.

Soap is a good thing.
I like to be clean.

I like being clean more than I like cleaning.

Anyway, that is besides the point.
I wanted to thank everyone for all those great tips on getting organized.

First of all, it really is reassuring to know that I am not alone in my lack of time management and organizational skills at home. Misery loves company.

Playing music was a wonderful suggestion.
It kept me moving and helped me to not feel overwhelmed.
Who knows, maybe some of those dance moves will help me lose a few pounds!

Making lists, setting the kitchen timer, focusing on just one small task at a time...
...these are things I will try. (In fact, I cleaned out the cupboard with all the Tupperware in it today...took a whole bag full across the street to the school which is holding its annual rummage sale tomorrow).
Getting rid of Tupperware is easy for me.
It doesn't pull at my heart strings...even if some of it was probably 30 years old...
...and the cupboard looks great.

I don't know about that Feng Shui suggestion...
...I'm a long way aways from that sort of living.

I like a little clutter.
I like my collections.

Zita of Mlle Magpie mentioned she believes rewards are a good idea... that sounds very wise, I am definitely in favor of rewards.

I actually took four bags of stuff across the street to the school sale.

So, maybe my reward should be to go to the sale tomorrow to see if there are any treasures...
... hopefully I won't bring 4 bags home!

So thanks again for all the encouragement...
I intend to persevere and enjoy the path to organized chaos!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Time to Organize!

Now that I am home, I have to learn how to manage my time...
...because it keeps disappearing on me!

I always thought that if I wasn't working and had the time...
...things at home would be so much more organized...

I've been home a few weeks now and although I am loving it...
...I certainly don't have things under control!

My sisters and girl friends are sharing their tips ... focus on one room at a time...

...I seem to move things from one room to another...

My friend Evi told me to give myself some more time to adjust.
She offered to come help me.
So have my sisters.

It's ok, I can do this by myself...
...I'm just a little overwhelmed.

Tomorrow is another day!

If you care to share any organizing expertise...I am all ears! :)

For those of you who are interested in the silverware markers that I have shown (see previous post)...I bought mine at Anthropologie.
I have an old set of stamping tools but haven't tried making my own yet...however...

Rosemary from Roses Petite Maison creates them and does custom orders...

...and Rita from Beach House Living also creates markers from silverware and sells them in her online shop.

...and I just read Jenny Doh's post on Crescendoh and hammered spoon jewelry is being offered in their new online shop!

Hope your Friday is full of fun and...
...productive! :)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Few Good Herbs

I bought a few pots of herbs from a vendor at the flea market a few weeks ago.

This variety of basil does not flower but is very delicate...
...the vendor told me to watch over it carefully.

...its days are numbered.

Now, on the other hand...
...he told me that this variety of lavender will get really tall and that it is very hardy.

I like tall.
I like hardy.

I also bought rosemary whose scent I adore.

This sieve came from the flea market too....
It could be used for drying herbs or...
...if the herbs don't make it...
...I could hang my earrings on it!

Tomorrow is Thursday already!
It is supposed to be a beautiful weekend and you know what that means!
I'm looking forward to one of my favorite annual sales at a nearby school as well as a visit to the flea market...

...and then my beautiful daughter will be celebrating her 24th birthday... that is hard to believe!

Have a great night!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Buckets Full

After a cloudy and damp morning....the sun came out!
And with the sun came a strong breeze that blew the last of the clouds away.

The wind blew and pink petals floated through the air...

Thousands of soft pink petals...

Buckets full.

I am loving having the time to appreciate the beauty around me...
...the time to notice the little things...

...the time to be quiet
...the time to listen to my heart.

I am thinking of my sweet sister and all the other working Moms tonight... won't always be as hard as it is now...
...children will grow and make their own way...

Someday, you will have time too.

Take a deep breath.
...and thank you for all that you are and all that you do.

Hope the week is going well for everyone...
Good night! :)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Something Old, Something New, Something Blue

Something blue....

...Here I am at Anthropologie...check out the displays made from recycled dyed blue paper....such a cloudy ethereal effect. There were also very pretty flowers hanging over the register area that upon a closer look revealed themselves to be created from plastic bottles...
...very creative use of recycled materials and looked much prettier than it sounds...
(sorry no photo)

Here are those funnels again...this time holding pink spring like flowers....

... I tried a few floaty, romantic thingies on...

Here is the something new...

...cute little white spice containers...

ON SALE for only $1.95 each!

This is something old... old? I'm not sure.
I bought it at the flea market last weekend because it was wire with a nice rusty patina and not very expensive.
...not too sure of its origins...

Has anyone seen a wire basket like this?

Now this...I really like.
It is apparently from an old store... hung on the wall or on the counter maybe.
I am not sure what it was used for but the old paper is rather narrow...only about 10 inches across. Is it wrapping paper? for gifts? for fish?
I love the graphics. I wonder what it was used for...what do you think?

Even though skies are cloudy...the apple blossoms on the old trees are gorgeous.

I am grateful for so many happy memories of growing up on my grandparent's farm.
My brother and sisters and I had so much fun climbing all the old fruit and chestnut trees.

Good times...precious memories!

So that is my something old, new and blue for today....
...did you think we were going to a wedding?

Hope Tuesday is not as wet as the last two days!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Button Therapy

Raining outside
Sorting buttons
Listening to music
Reading a lot
Napping a little
Visiting family
Eating together
Comfy and cozy

How was your Sunday?