Thursday, December 19, 2013

Gifts and Gratitude

The Christmas season has been beautiful...
...with soft snowfalls and lots of close family time.

Our gifts this year include the gift of time...
...time to share memories and loving words.

This year my husband's Dad is celebrating his last Christmas.

We are grateful that, this snowy December, we are able to share happy memories, corny jokes, bittersweet tears
 and lots of warm hugs.

We are still learning from this father and grandfather...
patience, endurance, what it means to be generous and loving.

We are learning the importance of living in the moment... appreciate every day.

We are blessed... love and be loved.

At times, our hearts are filled with sadness
knowing that soon we will no longer
 have this special man in our lives...

But, we also know how blessed we are to have had him with us
 so healthy and active and independent for all these many years.
And for that, we are very thankful.

This Christmas is a little different.
 It is simpler in some respects but filled with a heightened
awareness of the love that we share... 

and the many blessings of family.

Life on this earth is a beautiful gift.

This Christmas we are giving 
 the gifts of time, attention and compassion.

 Our hearts are filled with overwhelming gratitude... we humbly receive God's gift of Christmas.

Wishing each of you joy and peace.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Grace's Pink Christmas

Uncle George's sister Grace loved the color pink.
She also loved fine antiques and was an avid collector
 of beautiful glassware, pottery, silver and Victorian furniture.
 Her entire home was filled to the brim with treasures...
...including signed Tiffany, Lalique and Faberge. 

Years ago, after she passed...I was lucky enough
 to be given her collection of vintage Christmas ornaments.
Almost all of them were pink
 and many were antique German treasures.
This year, I decided to display some of them
 on an old pink transferware platter.

Hope you are finding peace and joy this Christmas season.
We are counting our many blessings and holding tight
 to each other as we care for family members in need.

Happy Holidays to all!

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Monday, December 2, 2013

Nest in Mystic at Christmas!

...and then we went to NEST
in Mystic

We walked in the door and didn't know which way to look first.
Every inch sparkled with holiday magic!

And beside all the wonderful Christmas decor...
...there were many antique and vintage treasures to be found!

       There were vintage typewriters, black and white transferware,
    old journals and wood drawers mixed in with new and interesting
           candles, faux greenery and gifts for everyone on your list! 

I was tempted to add to my wicker covered bottle collection.

So much inspiration to be found! 

 WHOooo wants to go shopping here?

And...oh...the beautiful and unique jewelry!
I am told that Marcia, the owner of this marvelous shop,
 also makes many of the jewelry pieces herself! 


 Loved the turquoise and silver ornaments...

The vintage golf trophy in back was fabulous!

Hotel silver and pretty vintage glass...

Cupboards of cookbooks, kitchen items, aprons and ribbons...
... and shelves of soft stuffies and sweet gifts

Wire and button stars...


And then there were lovely clothes and leather goods.
I spy something I brought home with me! 

In fact, I brought quite a few things home with me!

If you are anywhere near Mystic, Connecticut this holiday season... sure to stop in to NEST

How's your holiday shopping going?
Did you shop small and local this year?