Monday, November 29, 2010

Oranges, Cinnamon and Cloves

One of the first things we used to make at the 
beginning of the Christmas season was pomander balls. 
We usually made them right after Thanksgiving
at around the same time I plant my paper whites
and before we start baking cookies.

I say... used to... because we haven't made any new
pomander balls in quite a few years.
But I remember how good the house smelled and how lovely and relaxing it was to sit and put the cloves in the oranges...
...mix up the spices in my big yellow-ware bowl and cover the oranges with the fragrant mixture.

After the fruit was dry I would tie red ribbons around them and 
use them as ornaments and in arrangements around the house.

I can smell the cinnamon and cloves now.

There are several variations in the recipe
for making pomander balls. 
They usually call for orris root which I think helps to
cure the oranges, limes or lemons and hold the scent.
Do you make pomander balls as part of your Christmas tradition?

Mr. Flea's Mom always baked
Christmas tree and candy cane cookies early in the season
and the smell of those delicious cookies baking
in the oven drives Mr. Flea wild!


Freshly cut Christmas trees...
.... wonderful spices.... vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg.....

Christmas is in the air!
Can you smell it?

Sunday, November 28, 2010

First Sunday In Advent

And so the Christmas season begins...

 I made a little Advent display using an old enamel bundt pan.

Keeping it simple.

Using what I have on hand.

I just love my old enamelware!

 May your holidays be peaceful and calm...

... full of joy and just the right amount of fun!

Thank you for all your comments on the new look of the blog.

Hope the week ahead brings all good things to you!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Saturday Morning

 We woke to a cold and crisp November morning.
I couldn't wait for our morning walk 
so I could try out my new camera.

This is one of my favorite old homes in our neighborhood.
  I love the old whitewashed brick and bright red doors and
the distinctive European feel to it.

I spent time trying out the settings on my new camera...
...learning to capture the details.

 Today was the first day to buy Christmas trees in our neighborhood.
When do you put your tree up?

This is Sasha....
...she is the sweet and friendly dog greeting the customers who were picking out their Christmas trees.

 This old oak chair that was lying on the ground was missing one leg.
I wanted to pull off those springs tied on the bottom
but Mr. Flea would have none of that.
I'll have to go back for them later!

And finally, I wanted to show you what I received in the mail today!
It is a sweet little angora nest brooch that I was lucky enough
to win from a Give Away at Karla's Cottage.
She included a charming handmade star ornament and 
a tiny white bottle brush tree.
 Thank you Karla!

I am asking for your opinion as I made a few changes
to my blog layout yesterday.
(with the technical help of a special friend)
You may have noticed that my margins are smaller
and my pictures are larger.

Do you like the look of it this way?

And...I'm not sure about the header...
perhaps it is just too big now.
Your feedback would be appreciated!
Any suggestions?

I hope you are enjoying your weekend!


Friday, November 26, 2010

Winner of the Gratitude Give-Back!

Congratulations to Angela in North Texas who was number 57..
...the random number drawn in my 600th Post Gratitude Give-Back!

Angela has a lovely blog called I'm Like A Little Bird

I wish that I could Give-Back to all of you
as you are all winners in my book...
...and I am so grateful to be a part of this community.
There is always next time....thanks so much for playing along.

I can hardly wait until tomorrow morning as the sun is supposed to shine and I can get outside and try out my new camera!

I stayed away from all the stores today as Black Friday is way too much for me to handle!

Did you go shopping?

Did you get any great bargains?

Do tell!

Luckiest Girl Alive!

Thank you so much for all your birthday and
Thanksgiving wishes!
You folks are the best and made me feel so special
I must be the luckiest girl alive!
Mr. Flea and Dan bought me this wonderful 
new camera for my birthday!

 Just look at the details I can capture!
Oh my much to learn!

Oh, and by the way, these several quilt squares will be added to the 600th Post Gratitude

You still have time to enter until 5:00 p.m.
Eastern Standard Time today!
The winner will be randomly chosen and announced tonight!
Good Luck!
...and thank you for all your kindness, your support and inspiration!
until later!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

 My heart is filled with love and gratitude!

Wishing each of you a day filled with peace and joy!

Be back tomorrow with a few more treasures to add to the

The winner's name will be drawn and announced on Friday evening!

If you haven't signed up for a chance to win click HERE!

Good luck friends!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


It's my bday so I'm off to celebrate!

This sweet little sleepy mouse is made of wax!
I will add him to the Give-Back!
(You can tuck him in a branch of your Christmas tree!)

Two and a half more days to sign up for a chance to win the 

Click HERE to enter!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 22, 2010

The Tenacity of the Pink Petunia and The 600th Post Gratitude Give-Back Continues!

This pink petunia just won't give up!
It is still blooming away in it's zinc bucket outside on the deck.
Doesn't it realize that spring has sprung?
Summer has passed?
Autumn is here?
We have even had a bit of frost...

 But this feisty little pink petunia just won't give up!

I like her attitude!

I put a few blossoms in a quirky bed spring made into a vase.
Did you notice my little friend sitting by the bed spring?

 ...when I saw this little fellow looking up at me from the table
at the flea market...
I just had to give him a home.


Have you had a chance to enter the
     If sure to click HERE!

Leave one comment for one chance to win!

Leave a 2nd comment if you are a follower for a 2nd chance to win!

Leave a 3rd comment if you choose to spread the word and post about this 600th Post Gratitude Give-Back
or put it on your sidebar!

So, should we add some buttons to the prizes to be won in this
600th Post Gratitude Give-Back?

 I certainly have lots of buttons!

Yes, I think so. 
I will grab a handful of buttons out of that glass jar to add to

1. The Victorian night dress
2. The four vintage photos of Aunt Nancy
3. The rusty skeleton keys, vintage trims, rhinestones, lace collar, vintage hankie, matching pot holders and vintage rosary beads.

 You just never know what you will find in an old button jar.
(An old garter? screws? a religious medal? a magnet? an old tack?)

 And then let's add this sweet little handmade flower brooch to pin on your sweater or coat.

 Do you like vintage millinery flowers?
We will include this sweet little sprig...

 ...and how about a few of these pink blossoms?

 ...and finally, at least for tonight...
let's add this vintage box of mending cotton threads.
Love the soft and muted colors!

Thank you friends for all your kind comments.
Thank you for sharing all your blessings
and all that you are thankful for!

A few more days and a few more treasures to be added to this Give-Back before we are done!

I sure hope you are having a good week!

Turkey Day and Give Away

 Turkey feathers!

These were found in an old tin can
on the top shelf of a junk shop this summer.

Such a beautiful rich brown color along with the black and white and such distinctive and striking patterns!

There really isn't anything more beautiful than the natural world.

So, today while we continue with our

I am thankful for the beauty all around us...
...for Mother Nature.

We give thanks for all of God's creations.

 Adding to the white Victorian nightgown and the 4 vintage photographs of Aunt Nancy in our Gratitude Give-Back are these
3 rusty skeleton keys
 I think they will clean up nice but some of you like them rough and rusty so I have left them as is.

 Let's also add this old lace collar...

 ...and a few rhinestone buttons
and vintage earring clips

...and a few old doilies and some blue trim

...and some pink trim and a few fabric yoyos and
two wooden package holders

 ...and some more cheery and colorful trim left over from
Silver Bella swaps and projects

...and these two sweet little vintage
handmade pot holders

...and a pretty hankie or two and several rosaries.

If you haven't entered for a chance to win the 
600th Post Gratitude Give-Back

please click here!

It is wonderful to read all that you have been sharing about
the things that you are grateful for too!

Back to digging in my piles for a few more prizes
that will be added to this Give Back
each day until Thanksgiving.

The winner will be announced on Friday evening!

Good Luck friends!
Thank you!