Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lake Kitchen Progress

So, this is what the little kitchen in the lake house
 has looked like for the last 21 years.
It was a small addition to the back of the camp.
 We found the Quaker Maid cabinets at a yard sale
 and Mr. Flea adapted them to fit our space.
The counters we put in were hunter green Formica which we thought was very daring... and oh so Adirondacky.

Picture those green counters crammed with old kitchen collectibles, kitschy souvenirs, wooden ware and all manner of things adorned with cutesy moose and bear motifs.

Although I love my mountains and lake...
I am sooo over the Adirondack theme in every room of the house!

This was to be a low budget, cosmetic make over.
I desperately wanted a lighter, brighter look.
First, Dad and I  painted the cabinets with Cabinet Rescue.
In retrospect, we probably should have tinted the white
 so it is not quite so bright...
...but I am happy with them.
The hardware is the original....just cleaned up.
I like the silvery pewter color.

Next, we tackled the green Formica. 
We used Rustoleum countertop paint.
It was not easy and it is not perfect.
But, I'm not a picky kind of girl and I LOVE the color!

This stuff is tough to work with... sets up quick and didn't dry evenly.
It is an epoxy like substance and the odor is very strong.
We gave it four days to dry and it still hadn't cured all the way.

You can see here how the sheen is uneven and the texture is pebbly in places.
 I think we gave this small counter a third coat.

We learned a lot along the way...
especially what we would do differently!
But, overall...I am happy to have a fresh new look.
I am keeping my fingers crossed in regards to durability.

I have been having fun pulling out stashed kitchen collectibles from hidden boxes and bringing some dishes and things up from home to decorate my new pewter colored counters.

I painted the dish rack to sort of match...
just mixed a little black and white paint together and sloshed it on!

I've been giving the tops of the cabinets a new look too
 using tin, wire, enamelware and wood.

The decorating with all my pretty things was my favorite part...
...the DIY part was hard and frustrating and took such a long time!

And, of course we are not done yet.
We still have to tackle some drywall issues on the back wall, need to figure out a back splash, finish the floor, add a shelf over the sink between the cabinets and one over the fridge.

 But...we are pretty much done for this season.
Next summer we will finish up!
And yes, I am one happy camper!

What do you think?
Any suggestions for a back splash?
What kind of pendant light for over the sink?
farmhouse? industrial?
A valance at the window?
More color?
I need your help!

But, aren't you proud of me for tackling this DIY project?
(Thanks Dad! )

 Dan will be here this weekend...
he says he liked the green counters and couldn't understand
 why I wanted to change things...

...hope he likes it!


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Catching Flies

This old glass fly catcher has been sitting around at the lake house
 with a piece of faux ivy trailing out of it 
for probably eight or ten years. 
I am pretty sure that I found it at Brimfield one year
 while shopping the markets with my girlfriend Paula.

I rinsed the dust off her this morning
 and plucked a pretty pink cone flower to adorn her.


Isn't she pretty?

A sign on the bulletin board in the market yesterday announced:

Hot showers at the Fire House
Bring your own towel

Luckily though...our electricity was restored last evening!
...earlier than expected...thank goodness!
It felt so good to have a hot shower before bed last night.
It's the little things! 

Monday, August 29, 2011

Goodbye Irene!

We are safe!
Thank you for all your thoughts, prayers and concern
 for my family, friends and all the folks up and down the east coast.
There are many people dealing with picking up the pieces...
flooding, downed trees, etc.

My Dad and I, up in the Adirondack mountains,
 survived 24 hours of harrowing wind and rain.
Branches and debris hit the roof and rain pelted the windows from all directions.
 It was scary!
 We watched 3 huge pine trees fall and crash down at the edge of the property...and are so grateful that they fell into the woods and not toward our homes.  

We do not have any electric power up here now and don't expect it to be restored for several days.
 There are numerous trees hanging on the power lines.

But despite laying awake last night, listening to the giant pines cracking...intermittent sleep and lots of prayers...
this morning the sky was bright blue and everything was calm.

Mr. Flea is back home  dealing with
 more downed trees in the yard there and a flooded basement.
Kate, after being evacuated, is hoping to get back to her apartment in Brooklyn and then to Manhattan to work sometime later today.

Here is a snapshot of the outlet for the lake....
notice the water is flowing into the lake!

The forecast is for sunny skies the rest of the week.
We are thankful for that as we clean up the mess
 Irene has left behind.
Our hearts go out to those who have suffered more damage
 in other areas that were hit even harder.

It may be a while before we have power restored...
...until then, thank you again for your prayers!
Take care my friends,
Laura and family

Friday, August 26, 2011

The Calm Before The Storm

The lake is calm now...the skies are clear.
But...we are taking precautions as Hurricane Irene is approaching.

To all of you in its path....take care!

Wishing you all a safe and happy weekend.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

School Shoes

Sturdy, sensible brown tie ups...

Stylish, sporty saddle shoes...

... and my personal favorites...
red buckle shoes!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Some Little Treasures

A little Show and Tell...
Pictured above (on my newly painted kitchen counter tops) are five sweet ironstone butter pats that I found in the booth of Vicki Potter on Butternut Hill in Bouckville.

Here is an old ironstone bowl that I took a chance on...
(risked $4...I know...I'm such a risk taker :)) was so dirty...almost black with grime and mud.
She cleaned up pretty good!

Another budget friendly piece of ironstone...

My shopping buddy Judi and I split the cost of a box of this old Daisy cotton thread. 
It still had it's Woolworth tags...
Love the texture...

More lovely creamy cotton thread...this time on wooden spools.

Another sweet bowl from England
 which matches several larger bowls at home.
(Also found in Vicki's booth...The Rose Arbor).

Sigh...two box fulls of lace.

...more threads in blue tissue paper.

And then there was this...

A porcelain paint palette...
Made in Germany for F.R.& Co. in New York

...several white lacy hankies

Some serviceable white cups and saucers for the lake house kitchen.
Homer Laughlin...Best China
It was $5 day.
  Every single thing (or lot) in this booth was $5 on Wednesday. 
 On Thursday it was all to be $4...
then on Friday $3...etc.

So...I got 8 cups and 8 saucers for $5!
Now, if only I could get Mr. Flea to drink from these instead of his favorite mug!

A metal crown...
Perhaps I can wear it out kayaking or in the garden. :) assortment of odds and ends.

Anyway...that is all I will show you for today.
More to come soon!

Obviously, I can't reveal the treasures
 that I found for the three winners of the Give Back...
...we must keep the surprise!


P.S.  To W. The Antiques Lovers in Italy...
Please click on the blue email me button on my sidebar
 and email me the address where you would like your surprise
 from the flea markets sent!