Saturday, December 29, 2012

A New Year Cometh

A bright and shiny new year is almost here.

New opportunities...

to try again,
to start anew,
to right wrongs,
to try new things,
to make new friends,
to be grateful for all our blessings,

to express appreciation to those we love,

to seek balance, truth, joy and love.

Happy New Year!

Many thanks for all your comments and support this last year.
Words cannot express how much it means to me.


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Celebrations Continue...

We have been blessed to be surrounded by
 so many of our family members this Christmas!
Sister Mary Beth and Bobby George have had a houseful
 and it has been one continuous party for days...
...filled with fun and lots and lots of delicious food! 

Hope that your holiday celebrations
 continue to bring you closer to those you love.

Wishing you joy...

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Jingle Bells...In The Frosty Air


Jingle bells....

Sleigh bells ring...

These old sleigh bells came from my grandparents farm. 
They hung from the ceiling out in the stand
 where they sold their fruits and vegetables.
As a child, I was lifted up so I could reach out and jingle the bells.
Happy memories.

My vintage Christmas spider...

Merry Christmas friends!

Our family is gathering and we will all be together soon.

Hope your celebrations will be filled with love.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sparkle,Shimmer and Shine

This morning  I woke up to the delicious smell of coffee brewing 
and the sound of Mr. Flea strumming his guitar.
I love that.
 When I walked into the kitchen
 the sun was streaming through the window
 and lit up my little silver was positively glowing.

This tiny tree is for the littlest angels.

I'm not really done with it....
just keep adding shiny bits as I find them about the house.


This beautiful blue beaded butterfly
 flew all the way here to me from Italy...
It is one of a pair that my dear friend Walter sent me.
You may remember, that Walter and I met through blogging
 and a year ago when we visited Venice...
...he met us and took us to the flea market at la Corte dei Miracoli.

This October, at that very same flea market,
Walter purchased these lovely butterflies just for me.
  He knew how much I love blue...
...what he didn't know is
 that ever since my Mom's passing...
whenever I see a butterfly I think of her.
 I think of all that she taught me
 and how much she loved and supported me. 
So, thank you Walter!

And thanks to all my other blogger friends
 for your support and friendship this year!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

For The Children

For the children and
...for the child in all of us.

Comfort, love, compassion and kindness...
...these are the gifts we need to give
...and receive this Christmas.

Sending you all the above!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Comfort, Love and Hope

Praying for comfort and healing...
...although for so many...nothing will ever be the same.

May God's enduring love bring peace and hope
 for all those suffering this Christmas.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Peek At The Enchanted Winter Nest 2012

So many of you have asked about my dear friend
 Paula's Enchanted Winter Nest... did she decorate her charming farmhouse in Connecticut 
for Christmas this year?

You all know that I visited Paula and we made our rounds...
you've seen Carole's Christmas shop at Maynard Greenhouse...
Michele's shop...Taken For Granite...Deanna's shop...Gather 
and even, new to me this year...Robin's shop...BonVivant.

 But what about Paula's enchanting magical cottage this year? 

( doll by our friend Evi of Evi's Country Snippets)

I have hesitated to do this post as I am not the only one
 who has photographed her amazing home this season.
And some day...
you just might see those professional photos in a magazine.

But...after chatting with Paula...
and in order not to disappoint you all...
we decided to share some photos focusing on the magical details that are the signature of Paula's styling.

While treasure hunting at Brimfield in September,
 Paula spied these very special antique skates.

The price was well beyond her budget but after some impressive
 and very creative haggling she was able to get the dealer to agree
 to accept a more reasonable figure and a cheeseburger!

 She was delighted to be able to bring them home with her
 and this is why it's so fun when we shop together!

Here, Paula has posed another of Evi's snow girls
 as part of a vignette on a large old basket in front of the window.

As the beautiful Christmas tree in her back room
 soars toward the ceiling...
...and a fantastic French bird cage from Deanna's shop Gather
dangles from the rafters...
...a lovely glittered paper bird flies between the two...

Please enjoy a peek and some close ups of the special details
 in Paula's Christmas displays...

Another wonderful snow girl
 created by our favorite doll maker Evi is perched
 on an old metal skirt hoop.

From an English bathhouse... in Paula's downstairs bathroom.

One of Evi's wonderful Santas from past years.

The springs from an old seat hold a candle
 and a Christmas tree decorated with burlap birds.

The wire dress form on the wall
 was another discovery from Gather.
Paula worked her magic and now it holds bits of lace, Christmas
 stockings, vintage family photos and a tiny pair of mittens.

Every nook and cranny holds something to delight the eye.

Even her tiny upstairs bathroom holds a sweet Christmas tree.

An upstairs guest bedroom is decorated with more handmade dolls,
 whimsical touches, vintage ornaments and fresh greens. 

These shutters which once graced the outside of the house...
now act as a backdrop for this wonderful Christmas scene
 while providing a place for storage under the eaves.

I know we have shown you this wonderful angel
 created by Cathy Pendleton in the past.
She is truly special and worth a second look for sure!

In the dining room Paula's brown transferware
 is enhanced with a button star this season.

One of Evi's winter rabbits stands amid a string of jingle bells
 on the old white bench in the living room.

Hope you enjoyed this peek into Paula's wonderful world.
To see full shots of the rooms in this enchanting nest....
...patience is a virtue!

I will be worth the wait!
Hope that you are enjoying a meaningful and peaceful
 Christmas season.