Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Holiday Open House at Taken For Granite in Stony Creek, CT

 It's that time of year again!

This is how Taken For Granite sparkled and twinkled
 on Friday evening at their Holiday Open House.

It was my birthday weekend and I was delighted
 to be able to visit my dear friend Paula in Connecticut. 

You know what that means!
Three fun filled days of antiquing,
 shopping in the most beautiful boutiques
and catching up with girl friends.

This first post will showcase all the splendor of
in Stony Creek, Connecticut.

Enjoy the photos...
...there are a LOT of them! 

Michelle, the owner and creative genius
 behind these imaginative displays
 made this darling polka dot ruffled table cloth.

She also created this birch and woodland animals
 scene in this giant display case.









Here is Michelle and her team of lovely and talented ladies.
Their hospitality, creativity and attention to detail
 make shopping here a pleasure.

The open house was a spectacular and fun way
 to begin the holiday season! 

I wanted to get this post up as quick as possible!
Now, it's back to Thanksgiving preparations
...and snow shoveling!

Next week I hope to share some photos
 from Paula's wonderful farmhouse cottage...
all decorated for Christmas in her unique and fanciful style.
You will love it! 

Happy Thanksgiving! 

Friday, May 16, 2014

Spring Blossoms

This time of the year... heart sings, my energy level pumps up and I feel inspired.
Does that happen to you too?

Just thought I would pop in to share some quick IPhone photos
 that I have taken in the last few days.

I love playing with my lilacs.
 If you have followed along these last four years,
 you know that our lilacs are family blooms...
some were my grandmother's, Mr. Flea's grandmother's
 and the deep double French were my Mom's. 

The dogwoods this past week were stunning.
 We have just one pink...the rest are white.

And...of course, I love using my vintage, rustic treasures
 to hold the all the beautiful blossoms
 we are lucky enough to have on the property.

My fascination with Instagram continues,
 but my son Dan will be happy to know
 that I have been using my Canon big girl camera again
 and now that we have replaced my 8 year old laptop
(may she rest in peace)
 with a new one that is fast and has lots of storage...
I hope to blog a bit more often as well.

Wishing you a lovely spring!
I can't wait to get back up to the lake!

Take care!