Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Where Did I Get This From?

I found this stuck in an old basket here at the lake house.

This too.
Same basket.

Can't remember where it came from or when I acquired it.
Probably a yard sale up here....
...sometime in the last 20 years.
(I guess that doesn't narrow it down too much).

I am pretty sure they were used by a bee keeper.
The hat will come in handy to keep the mosquitoes at bay.
Did anyone notice the French writing?
So chic!

Sister Lynn is back in Chicago (boo hoo)...
...she left me these sweet porcelain numbers
 to remind me how much I miss her!

Thank you so much for all your kind comments.
It is always  so good to hear from you!
Not spending too much time in bloglandia as my focus has been to get things priced and ready for my little booth.

Mr. Flea and my Dad have been helping in all sorts of ways and I am so grateful for their support and tolerance.

Sale Reminder!

A Second Fabulous Sale at Paula's this Saturday!
Tell her I sent you and wish her a Happy Birthday!

5 Deep River Road
Centerbrook, CT  06409

Have Fun! 

Monday, June 27, 2011

Looking Forward To A Fun Weekend!

Tomorrow I head back north to the lake.
Last week I was busy getting Kate's bedroom ready for the girls.
The girls come every year to celebrate Independence Day with us.
July 4th weekend is a big deal in these mountains and the girls at ages 7 (almost 8), 6 and 2 1/2 are really looking forward to the parade and fireworks.

And Mr. Flea and I are really looking forward
 to having little ones in the house again!

...of course, Emma, Kate and Delia won't be the only ones visiting...
their Mom and Dad will be here too...
...and Dan is coming with three of his close friends!
The more the merrier!

So, I am looking forward to the long holiday weekend.
But there is lots to do this week before the fun begins.
Booth set-up is Thursday!

Hope your week is productive and that you
 are looking forward to a fun weekend too!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Getting Ready

I have been busy pulling things out, cleaning them up
 and making up price tags ...
 ...getting ready to set up my booth for July 1st.

Some things are pretty...

Gee...I love roses on porcelain.

And other things are more rustic.
This charming tie rack is Flemish Art.
Love those birds on a wire!

This is a sweet rattan purse with some great looking bark cloth.
(front side)

(and back)

Anyway, I'm rediscovering goodies I forgot I had
 and am excited to be soon setting up my little booth at
 Schoolhouse Treasures in
Broadalbin, New York.

Broadalbin is in the foothills of the Adirondacks
 and is on the way to the lake house.
It has been one of my stops on our trip to the lake
 and I have always had great luck finding goodies
 here at reasonable prices.

Still working on my 700th post Give Back...
details soon!

OH!  And, guess what?
Paula is going to have a second sale at her home next Saturday!
(I will have to miss this one as we will celebrating the holiday at the lake with friends.)

She has also been digging around in the corners of her farmhouse and outbuildings to find some of her amazing finds from Brimfield and other antique hunting grounds...
Fabulous finds that she is now willing to pass on
 to the next treasure seeker...that could be YOU!
I hate that I will miss this sale as we did some fun and fabulous trading last time!
So, if you are able to get to Centerbrook, CT 
next Saturday, July 2nd ...
 you won't be disappointed! 

Hope you had a good weekend 
and are looking forward to the week ahead!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Congrats Becca!

This week was all about my sweet niece Rebecca.
She graduated from high school with honors
 and was awarded a generous scholarship
 for her academic achievements and service to her community.
We are so proud of her!

Becca is not only smart...but beautiful inside and out.
Doesn't she look gorgeous in her prom gown?
Congratulations Becca!
We love you!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Blue Glass and Shells Continued

Blogger seems to be happier now...
 so here are the rest of those pictures!



Wishing you bits of blue...
a glimpse of the sea...
a song for your heart...
 and peace for your soul.


Blue Glass and Seashells

Good Morning!
Blogger is not letting me upload photos without a tricky work around their this post will have to wait a day or so.

Tomorrow we will be leaving the lake
 to go to our niece's high school graduation!
We are all so proud of you Becca!

Hope you all have a wonderful day...
it's raining cats and dogs here right now!!

To Jill and Jean...
 If you are still interested in the bark cloth and the salt box...
email me for the particulars! :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bric Brac

Bric Brac!
I have been cleaning out the corners of this cottage...
...going to bring all these odds and ends of glassware to the booth.
A lot of this old green glass was from Brody or Hoosier...
for the florist trade.
 I used to pick it up wherever I found it
 as it went so well with the lush green
 of the tall pines in these mountains.
I have tons of it...haven't gotten to the attic yet.

Bud pretty all together on a long table...
...perhaps for a summer picnic, or even a bridal shower or wedding!
This rich green color also works well Christmastime.

Manly glassware.

Bar ware.

Cheerful summery colors of the 40's and 50's 

Lynn and I have been cleaning out
 and putting price tags on all these odds and ends.
I am thinking that my little booth will have an Adirondack flair to it to begin with as I part with some of the vintage souvenir collectibles, old kitchenware from camps and cottages and equipment from
 outdoor fishing, hunting and canoeing items.

... and then there are all these items...
...can't keep it all!

My Dad pulled out the last of the old apple picking ladders
 from the was under his camp.

I am going to use it to display linens and things.

This is one of 4 old panels made from bark cloth.
You can see the Oriental influence in the mountain motif.
There were lots of this type of fabric used in the old camps
 and cottages in this area.

Time to pass it all along to someone who will make
 good use of these things.
 (Hopefully someone will want this stuff!)

We've been busy...
sorting, planning, chatting and enjoying each other's company.
Just a few days left before Lynn heads back to Chicago.
What will I do without her?

It's another new day.
I hope yours is filled with joy!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Thank you Daddy for being such a wonderful father.
I love you.

Happy Father's Day!


Hope you are all having a wonderful Father's Day weekend!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Found Nest

 We found this bird's nest woven with bits of birch bark yesterday.

Here it is displayed under the glass cloche sister Lynn 
found for me a few months ago.

Tomorrow Lynn and I are going to take a little day trip...
...see what we can find.

Details of the 700th post Give Back
 will be revealed in the next day or two.
I think you will like it!

 Until then, I hope your weekend brings a little bit of fun
 and a lot of quiet, calming moments!