Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Little Anthro Love

I love a little Anthro to get my imagination going ... to provide some inspiration...and to help me look at things in new ways!

Luckily I have one close by.

Is there anything here that excites you?

Morning Walk

I brought back a few images from our morning walk.
Hope you have a quiet and peaceful day!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Autumn Weekend

Rested and relaxed we are ready for the busy week ahead.
 Hope your weekend was as lovely as ours.

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Funny Side of Vintage

 You may remember back in July when I posted about stopping at a wonderful antique shop called Pretty Funny Vintage 
in Tarrytown, N.Y. (you can click here to read that post).

  Well, on Wednesday, I was over on that side of the Hudson River again to meet my Mom and Dad for a doctor's appointment.
I was able to spend a bit of time at Stephanie's shop and it was fun to poke about her marvelous and eclectic collection of vintage wares.

 If ever there was a shop that mirrored my taste in antiques, really cool junk and all things vintage...this would be it.

As you know, I have been collecting, amassing and hoarding tons of stuff since...well...since I was a girl.

  With two houses full, I could probably supply this particular shop with merchandise for a good long while...
...that is, if I was ready to part with things...

 I'm getting there.

 These pictures tell only part of the story as my camera wasn't up to the light requirements for some of the shots I tried to take.

 I just love the mix of old and new....rough and luxe...masculine interests and feminine treasures....

 I loved all the old paints and paintboxes, books, vintage binoculars, old tennis rackets, office equipment, industrial pieces and furniture...

 There were lots of vintage suitcases, racks of pristine vintage dresses and coats as well as fabulous shoes and hats and purses...

 I could have spent hours pawing through the piles of vintage jewelry.....each piece $10.....
I took home a lovely rhinestone brooch to add to my collection and know it will look great on my corduroy or jean jacket this fall.

click any image for a closer look

 I was tempted by the old ledgers...this one was dated 1952!

 ...and of course there were piles of Stephanie's signature Poils.....

 I just love the wonderful fun and funky displays throughout this lovely Victorian house.

 Loads of interesting furniture pieces....many with wonderful little drawers...
Many cool old wooden advertising boxes are available....Stephanie uses them for display and to hold smaller items for sale.

There was a great collection of vintage globes and a wonderful collegiate vibe going on in the downstairs section of the shop.

If you like vintage kitchenware...there is plenty of that too!

 ...lots of smalls and interesting things to look at!

Both Stephanie and Mary, who works here, are full of creative ideas and friendly and fun to talk to. 

They have plans for some craft sessions and possible seminars
...all of which sound pretty interesting.

...I'm thinking that this is a fun place to hang out!

If you are in the area...make sure to stop by...
...you won't be disappointed!

It's quiet up here in the mountains....just the way we like it.

There is a full moon tonight over the lake and the leaves were all sorts of beautiful colors on our drive up.

I hope to take some pictures tomorrow in order to share some of this incredible autumn beauty with you.

But right now, Mr. Flea and I are going to stroll down to the lake to check on that moon...

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thinking About The Future

So much to think about these days!

 Mr. Flea and I off to the lake for the weekend....
We are looking forward to a few quiet and peaceful days to think about the future.

Change is good!  

Change is exciting!

Hope your weekend is relaxing and fun!