Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Paula's Christmas Cottage 2014

 Here are some photos from my visit to Paula's cottage
 in Connecticut a few weeks ago.
She was 90% decorated at the time...
... everything was so charming and festive!

She found this branch in the back gardens
 and mounted it in a vintage iron tree holder. 

That white cord on the floor is my Iphone charger....so sorry Paula! 

Anyway, she painstakingly wrapped copper wire LED lights around the tree and Voila! 

I took a ton of photos and will limit my comments
 so you can enjoy the images.

We found those tall iron springs in October at Elephant's Trunk
 and each bought 2....at $1 each.
The super tall candles Paula bought at Terrain.

The pillow Paula made from a grain sack
 and yes, she knit all those mittens! 

While we were out and about shopping Paula bought this angel from Michele at Taken For Granite in Stony Creek.
 As soon as we got back to the cottage,
 she was up on a stool, on top of the table,
 up on her tippy toes to hang it here! 

This old porch rail also came from TFG this fall.
 Paula hung it on the wall and decorated it the holidays! 

These little vagabond mice came from Terrain.
...too cute! 

I hope you liked this year's tour
 of my very creative friend Paula's Christmas cottage!

Enjoy the rest of the holiday season!

...and a special thank you to those friends who have written to say that they have missed my blog posts or simply wished me well. Your thoughtfulness is deeply appreciated!


For the first time, I am trying to respond to your much appreciated comments here...
not sure if this will work but giving it a go!