Saturday, September 29, 2012

Pale Pumpkin-Gourds

The little farmer's market up here at the lake yielded some wonderful white pumpkins and 
little white pumpkin-like gourds this year.


I have been having fun arranging them...

Here...they are lined up in the giant French baking tin
 I bought from Jackie at Brimfield.

Fall fun!

It's been cool and raining for two days here at the lake.

Warm soup, fresh bread, several naps and lots of reading.
...but getting restless.
Hope the sun comes out soon!

Enjoy your weekend...whatever the weather!

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What am I grateful for today?
Warm wool socks!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Taken For Granite in September 2012

Taken For Granite is one of those shops I always
 make sure to stop in when I am in Connecticut.
(If you have been following along for a while you already know this!)
 It is located in Stony Creek which is a section of Branford
 and is famous for the Thimble Islands in the Long Island Sound.
 Because of its idyllic location Michele has created an ambiance
 that reflects the sea and natural elements in the area.
It is a most relaxing experience to browse through this beautiful shop and see unique gifts and decor creatively displayed in inspirational vignettes.

We started outside in the patio area...

Inside we found beautiful and unusual costume jewelry... 

I took tons of photos...
....instead of me prattling on...
...have a look...enjoy!

...are you still with me?

I could do all my Christmas shopping here.
In fact...I might!

...can't wait to see Michele's spectacular Christmas displays! 
(remember last year?)

Well...tomorrow I'm off to spiff up my little booths
 at Schoolhouse Treasures...
 ...and then to the lake for the last autumn days
 before we close up for the season.
( hoo...I hate to close up...)

Hope your week is going well!

What am I grateful for today?
wonderful friends...all over the world