Thursday, December 29, 2011

Time To Move Forward

A new year is about to begin...
...a chance for new beginnings, opportunities and promises.

Wishing you a Happy New Year!

May all your dreams come true...

With love and gratitude,

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Stocking Stretcher Re-do

Vintage wire stretchers...for stockings or gloves...
You see them often at flea markets.
A few weeks ago my junking buddy Paula and I 
came across two pair...for a song. pair for each of us.

Back at her house after our junking jaunt...
...Paula started playing with hers...
...out came her stash of lace, her favorite linen thread,
 a bit of winter themed ephemera and decoration.


Mine are still sitting in a basket in the corner of my bedroom...
...waiting for divine inspiration to come my way!


I'm sitting here on my bed with a box of tissues by my side...
...feeling just a tad sorry for myself as I had to cancel a much anticipated meet up with Liz from the blog Liz Loves Vintage.
We had planned on lunch and a bit of antiquing today but, 
alas...I came down with a Christmas cold. hoo...
I look a lot like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer right now!
Hoping to re-schedule soon...

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Postcards To You

Wishing you joy!

Wishing you hope!

Wishing you love!

Wishing you the Peace That Passes All Understanding.


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Fresh Vanilla for C and Me!

The other day I received a kind comment from a girl named Cheryl
 from the blog  Fresh Vanilla For C.
 She told me she was my newest follower.

 Well, I realized with that comment that 52 FLEA had reached another milestone...
so I thought I would recognize that and, in turn, 
feature Cheryl's fairly new and very lovely blog. 

Here is Cheryl.
Isn't she cute?
Cheryl is a mother of two who loves to decorate, 
garden and hunt for treasures.
Her favorite colors are cream, white and blue.
Sound familiar? 

All these photos are from Cheryl's blog.

Apparently she loves all the same things we do!

She also has a lovely Etsy shop
 with vintage finds and handmade treasures called

 I quickly signed up to follow along with as not to miss a single beautiful post!

You might want to pop over and say hi...
I think you will enjoy meeting her.

A special thanks to ALL of you who have chosen to follow along 
with 52 FLEA...
...and a big hug for those of you who leave comments
 to let me know you are out there...
well... you know how good that feels.
(hugs and comments!)

This year has been a tough year for my family
 and for so many of my friends.
 Perhaps it has been tough for you too.

Thanks for hanging around...
when my posting was frequent and when it was sparse.
 Thanks for your support when I needed it.

...and finally, I couldn't resist sharing last year's photo
 of our dear Starla who we had to say goodbye to this summer.
We miss our kitty this Christmas...wasn't she a sweetie?
She still makes us laugh and smile...
 remembering her antics and her endearing ways.

 Wishing a beautiful holiday to all my friends...
Merry Christmas!
Happy Hanukkah!
Happy Kwanzaa!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Paper Bird Wreath

One of the treasures I brought home from Carole's Christmas shop
 at Maynard Greenhouse was a Wendy Addison,
 beautiful wire wreath with cut out birds.

I have been playing with it...creating different vignettes.
You know how that goes...
...shouldn't I be wrapping presents? baking cookies? organizing and cleaning out?

Here it is sitting on this vintage mirror plateau...
...but it is just as pretty hanging on the wall.
It can be kept out all year long...not just at Christmas.

So pretty!

OK....back to work, Laura!


Reds In Box

Wishing my life was this organized!

Hope you are having a good week
 and that all your Christmas wishes come true!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Sunshine and Cold

The sun is shining this morning
 although it is cold here in New York!
I am looking forward to this Christmas weekend
 and spending time with our family and good friends.

We will be seeing our special little girls on Christmas Eve.
They are so excited as they wait to see what Santa will bring.

 Thanks to all for your kind and encouraging words.
I am filled with gratitude for my many blessings and
 appreciate the reminder to be present in the moment
 and plan on making many new happy memories!

Starting with making some Christmas cookies...
I'm off to the grocery store for more sprinkles!

"May your holidays be filled with reasons to be thankful.
Having loved and having been loved
is perhaps the most wondrous reason of all."

These words are from a newsletter put out by Hospice of the Valley
 and were sent to me by Cathie...a  thoughtful and kind follower of 52 FLEA.

Love to you all!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tidings Of Comfort and Joy

To be honest, I have been struggling through this Christmas season.
This is the first Christmas that we will celebrate without my Mom. 
I know that I am not alone in missing a loved one...
and my wish for any of you in that position...
is peace and comfort.

...and joy.

Tidings of comfort and joy.


Saturday, December 17, 2011

Antique Shop in Chester, CT

So...the last place I wanted to share with you on this particular visit to the charming town of Chester, CT is an antique shop called BUTTON, LLC.

Now, to me....
the name Button conjures up an image of a rather  humble place...
perhaps with lots of small things all jumbled together...
you know, like a button box.
 But, that's just me.

This shop...BUTTON, an elegant, upscale,
 sophisticated place.

Have a look...

One of BUTTON's two store front windows at 69 Main Street.
Paula loved those Christmas stockings in a big way!

I loved this wire basket that I spied first thing
 on top of a tall cupboard in the corner.

This piece in mustard paint makes a bold statement .

Check out the beautiful stained glass window
 behind this pretty Christmas tree!

Another impressive cupboard filled with interesting treasures.

Some fabulous architectural pieces...

Check out these old metal lockers... least I think that is what they once were.

Here are some of the same metal pieces mounted on the wall.
 I love the aged wood shelves across their tops.

An eclectic mix of smalls, some new gift items
 and some wonderful textiles work together to make this antique shop one with something for everyone.

 Don't you agree?

69 Main Street
Chester, CT 06412
(860) 322-4451

Well, my shopping is done.
Have you finished yours?

I have enjoyed staying quiet and wrapping presents today...
No crowded malls for me!

How about you?

Friday, December 16, 2011

Red Pepper Gallery

I promised to tell you about Paula's and my visit
 to Chester two weeks ago!
 First up is...
 ... a unique and truly wonderful shop.
 Paula's good friends Fran and her husband
 own and operate this boutique.

 Whenever I visit Paula in Connecticut
 we always try to get to Chester to see what's new at
 Red Pepper Gallery.

They carry contemporary clothing, hand crafted fine furniture,
 accessories, gifts and one of a kind creations
 made by talented artists and designers.

To view a list of designers and artists please visit their website 

We were here two weeks ago and it was the perfect place
 to start my Christmas shopping.

Take a look!

 If you ever get to this area of Connecticut,
 I highly recommend Red Pepper Gallery!

Red Pepper Gallery
 14 Main St
 Chester,  CT  06412

Next interesting antique shop in Chester!