Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Thrifty Flea Finds and Looking Ahead!

The family has gone but not the memories of a fun filled weekend
 with the most gorgeous weather ever
 on this just past Memorial Day weekend. 

...cleaning up just a bit and getting ready
 to move on to the next adventure!

...which just happens to be...

...a girl's only weekend with Paula
 and hopefully other special girlfriends in Connecticut!

Looking forward to girl talk, shopping, eating
 and maybe even watching a favorite old movie...

Can't wait to see Paula's gorgeous gardens...
...things are really blooming now!

I will be sure to bring the camera
 to capture some pretty pics to share.

All these photos today are of a few of the things I have picked up
 at thrift stores, yard sales, church sales, etc.
 over the last few months.

Some things are just plain useful...

Some are old, some interesting...
Some are beautiful.

These items are all those that I actually got to photograph
 before I came up to the lake...

I have been so busy having fun with family that I haven't shared these with you before...and there's so much more.

Getting some things ready to sell.
(feel free to email if there is anything of interest).

Hope you all had a fun weekend...
...here we are already at Tuesday!

Wishing you a productive and joy filled week...

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Just a Trinket or Two

I'm here at the lake and I've been cleaning up and getting ready
 for family to arrive Memorial Day weekend.
But, as promised...
I wanted to show you a few of the little things that
 I brought home with me from Brimfield.
First up is this tiny 19th century ointment pot.
I love the blue writing...

...on both sides!
...also a nice length of blue and white ticking.

A pretty embroidered monogram and crochet pillowcase from
 Jackie at Bliss Farm Antiques.

Some reasonably priced wire ware
 from a woman who was selling off her collection.

She said the best and most unusual pieces were sold the day before.
Too bad I missed that!

...a tin mustard sign

...two shakers with pewter tops and agitators

...tiny French tart tins

...a European grain sack with the prettiest blue stripe.

...three Gien Pont Aux Choux cream colored dishes.

...an old box of inks

...a tall aqua blue apothecary bottle

...a pale blue French letter with lovely script

...a concrete rabbit to give to my friend Evi for her birthday.

...an old piece of transferware with a lovely blue gray
 pattern of ferns and berries

... a pair of bistro chairs
 and a few wood spools with old blue paint on the ends.

I guess you could sell me pretty much anything blue!

Hope you have had a good weekend.
The weather here in the Adirondacks
 has been sunny and beautiful the last few days.
  It's been so very quiet here ...
...but by next weekend everyone will start arriving
 and the summer season will begin!
Hopefully the black flies and mosquitoes won't show up too!

Take care, Laura :)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Brimfield Snapshots (more from May 2012)

Continuing on our tour of my whirlwind 24 hours in
 Brimfield, Massachusetts, USA....:)
This beauty and the next three shots were taken in the booth of
Five Corners Antiques.

They are from Essex Jct. in Vermont...a multi dealer shop
 that describes itself as "unique and affordable"
I have to make the trip and see for myself! :)

Their booth display was beautiful.

Moving on...
...this green glass glowed in the morning sun!

Loved this blue fence. 
It was already sold.

Not every booth tried for a beautiful set up
 but all had interesting goods on display!

These pretty posies gave a grouping of deep fat fryers 
an elevated status.

I want this blue bike! :)

Yes, this pale pink girdle was hanging out for all to see.
Perhaps...noooo...it couldn't have been a sign just for me!

Well, I loved my visit to Brimfield this spring.
Thanks for coming along with me!
What did you like best?

P.S.  A few pics of my finds to follow soon.