Sunday, November 21, 2010

6 Days Left To Enter The Gratitude Give-Back

Yesterday we drove into New York to meet Kate at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

We spent the afternoon together, sharing all the beauty to be found in this special place.

Today I am feeling especially grateful for Art...
...for artists through the generations and for the ability to appreciate the beauty in the details.

...and I am grateful for time.
Time to share with loved ones.

...and Grace.

To enter for a chance to win the Seven Days of
Give Back...
...Please CLICK HERE

In addition to the Victorian nightgown shown above
the winner will receive these four vintage photographs that I found this summer in an old photo album.

 I did a short post on them called "Aunt Nancy" here.

I will continue adding prizes to this Gratitude Give-Back all week....there will be seven prizes for the lucky winner!

Thank you for sharing all the things that you are grateful for! 

Today I will be sorting through more things to add to this
600th post Gratitude Give Back!
Stay tuned!


Rose Garden Malevik said...



Please Join the
Hugs from Håkan
( The Roseman)

Linens Lace and Lattes said...

Grace....glad you mentioned that as I need to add that to my gratitude list.

Rummet för välbefinnande said...

WOW - a day at the Metropolitan Museum of Art!
Can imagine that it is an adventure and so many things to see. Art can be very inspiring in many different ways.

Love the vintage photos. You have so many treassures Laura :)
Wish you a nice sunday.

Leslie said...

thank you for your blog, which i enjoy each day as a treat to myself! wishing you a beautiful Sunday. leslie

FairfieldHouse said...

No matter how many times one goes to the Met there is always plenty more to discover. Your blog is beautiful filled with so many inspirational images.


Jane, Naples, Florida said...

Beautiful post! Thank's been too long
since I have made a visit there!

Flora Doora

The French Bear said... is so exciting to see all the lovely pieces of art there. Your giveaway is growing with gorgeous goodies everyday!!!
Margaret B

Suz said...

Dear Laura,
I am so envious. You are so lucky to live so close to the city! I love the Metropolitan Museum so much and I love NYC. Not to live in, but to visit is heaven! When Katie was at Sarah Lawrence, we got at least two good trips to NYC a year (can you believe that I had never been to NYC before she went to college?). I had been to Venezuela and a lot of other cool places but not NYC. I fell in love with the city. I miss it! We have hardly been back. Waah. Now I am feeling sorry for myself!

I need to be sure to sign up for your giveaway. I love that nightgown. It would not fit me but I would hang it on the wall :-)

I want you to know that I think of you and your mom often. Hope she is comfortable.


Kim Hanauer said...

My Dear SWEET Laura,
I am truly grateful to share the love of God with family and friends.
To share the joy, laughter, and all the blessings HE gives us, is surely something wonderful to be grateful for!
Life is too short to spend time worrying and pondering over things that might be or could`ve been.
The PRESENT is a gift from God-
Have a Blessed day, Laura-
Kim :0)

Blessed Serendipity said...

Looked like a fun day at the museum. Love the antique photos!


Nordisk gammelt said...

The Metropolitan Museum of Art - thank you for the pictures

north pal said...

it just came to me. have been thinking hard who might be wearing that simple lovely gown. i can see a victoria holt governess wearing it and going thru the dark hallways with a lit candle checking on the children. Bestest,Denise

debi lynn mattingly said...

One of my favorite museums when in NYC! Now did you also go by our favorite store???? Anthro??? :) xo..deb

kana said...

The museum looks great! Check out my blog post today...I finally was able to post your Silver Bella photo. It is good!

Burlap Luxe said...

Oh my! looks like you had a beautiful day filled with art! about your posted aunt :) your found vintage aunt Nancy! Well when I find great old photos I will use them in my altered art and things, as well as tags. I will have friends ask me who the old photos are of. I always reply, they are my adopted relatives :)

Have a beautiful Sunday Come visit my Eco- natural beauty GIVEAWAY!! it ends after Midnight to night! Monday 11-22-10 enter up to 2 times girlie!

Jem said...

Dear Laura,

What a lovely way to spend a day! I love your shot of the exterior - utterly stunning detail!

Jem xXx

Tallulah's Antique Closet said...

Thanks for the tour of the museum and I like the Art Deco vase.........Tallulah's

Jenni said...

I loved seeing your pictures - I have only taken this tour virtually but dream of visiting in person some day. There is so much beauty in the world to be thankful for every single day.
I continueto be amazed by what you offer.