Thursday, March 26, 2009

Layers of Pale..

Sister MaryBeth has always said that her favorite color was white. When she was a bride and I asked what color or pattern sheets she desired for her bed linens.....she sweetly smiled and said..."white......just white". That was not too surprising because she is a registered nurse know....starched white uniform...everything clean, white....dare I say...sterile. (That's a stereotypical image of a nurse....not MB who is warm and loving as well as clean....and definitely not sterile outside of her nursing environment).....forgive me...I digress....
.... I have always loved white too, but in smaller doses....usually paired with blues......never as the main event.

Over the last few years I have been influenced by the many Scandinavian blogs that I love to visit............and have fallen in love with white.....layers of creamy, textured whites.....

Mixed with other neutrals.....silver, gray, black or beige......white is incredibly refreshing.....paired with crystal or glass...the reflected light can open spaces and create an air of elegance and drama.

My dear girlfriend Carole sent me the the Danish magazine Jeanne D'Arc Living which she stocks and sells in her wonderful store at Maynard Greenhouse in Old Saybrook, CT. I have been savoring every page....and although I cannot read a word as it is all in Danish....the inspirational photographs are breathtaking.
I heartily recommend ordering your own won't be disappointed!

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Carole said...

I'm so glad you like it. I'm falling in love with all the details with every turn of the page. I remember the first time I found a scandinavian blog I thought I was looking at our friend Paula's house. It is uncanny how their styles resembled each other but are separated by distance and culture.
Part of the beauty of blogging is the way we can all connect with our common interests and loves.

Les Cotrions said...

Hello Laura and thank you for your nice comment and kind words! You've a lovely blog...lots of beautiful photos and enchanting stuffs!
Nice to meet you!
Have a great week end!
Greetings from Italy!!!

Rosemary said...

I love this look! I have been getting into more neutrals lately. I did my bedroom redo in neutrals.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend,