Sunday, March 1, 2009

Brown Books

My sweet sister MB likes to tell folks that I buy old books for their color. This is true, at least partially. I really do buy books for content too....and not only to read. Sometimes, I like the text or the graphics or the pictures......all to use in my "art" or to decorate with. I have been known to even buy new books in a foreign language that I don't know because of the in point...Jeanne D'Arc Living's books French Atmosphere and Jul both written in Danish......This set of old brown books entitled History of England written in 1865 by Henry Hallam were attractive to me because of their rich color....the gold lettering and the texture of the wonderful old paper. How lucky to have all 5 volumes......Evi's rabbits and a Nicole Sayre doll sit along side them and my great grandmother looks down and watches over it all.


Carole said...

I love brown books too. Funny I just bought some the other day just for that reason. The added bonus was that one book was a poetry of gardens. Plan on using that one a lot.
LOVE the whole table too. I'm sooooo jealous!!!!

Bleudelavande said...

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