Thursday, December 2, 2010

Vintage Charm

 Wishing you all a calm and peaceful holiday season.

 Not feeling too glitzy this season.

I find myself preferring just a few greens,
a little shine and, of course...
...always a bit of vintage charm.

...and here's the charm!
Aren't these vintage little red slippers the sweetest?
$1.00 at the thrift store

Christmas morning seems such a long ways away...
...if you are under seven and waiting for Santa!


Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers for Mom.
We feel your love....

30 comments: said...

FABULOUS!!!! You know what? You are so creative and inspiring that whatever you do looks beautiful! Happy Thursday:)
~Debra XXX
Capers of the vintage vixens

Rostrose said...

Dearest Laura, the red slippers are the cutest "Santa-Claus-stockings" i've ever seen! :o)
Very pretty, your "not so glitzy" decoration, too. I wish you wonderful holidays - sending warm hugs from cold & snowy Austria, Traude

Kimberly at ArtJoyStuff said...

Beauty in simplicity-love it!
My best wishes for your Mom, may she have a full and easy recovery.

Mélanie A. said...

The red slippers are so cute

Anne said...

Your decorations are beautiful and they certainly don't have to be glitzy. You are having one stressful year and the fact that you have the energy to decorate at all is wonderful.
Thank you for continuing to share your decorating ideas and life with us. It helps us as much as I'm sure it does you.
I hope your mum is doing o.k.
Love and hugs,
Anne xx

Rummet för välbefinnande said...

Hi there, I just stopped by before I go to bed.
Have had a lot of things to do this week so I just needed to sit down in front of the computer for a while. To get some inspiration, and I always get that when I visit you.
Wish you a nice weekend!

Tallulah's Antique Closet said...

Nice collection of vintage Christmas and the slippers are too cute!!!!!!!!!! TALLULAH'S

Made in Persbo...Carina said...

So beautiful! I really liked the flowers and stars in metal! Ruff and absolutely gorgeous.

Hugs, Carina

Jane said...

I just look at your photos and say WOW! The beauty in the simplicity of the vintage pieces makes me want to rethink all of my decorating!! Where do you find all your fabulous stuff!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

I just love all the silver/tin bits and pieces.. I saw similar silver reflectors recently and couldn't decide if I should buy them.. Now I am thinking YES.. Love that silver tin also... so sweet

Wishing you soft and gentle days leading up to christmas Laura.. ciao xxx Julie

Vicki said...

Those little slippers are so cute. I love the simple beauty here. I'm feeling a bit more rustic and simple this year. The kids will demand their favorites but I think less is more for me this year.

Dar said...

Applause...fabulous...I love the simplicity. It seems something is in the air to cut back on all the glitz. I, too, am going for a more serene season. I love what you do.

Susy said...

Where oh where do you keep all these treasures (: are those light jackets? Such wonderful stuff ~ don't you wish they could tell their story.

north pal said...

laura, i'm a tad behind in my blog reading,so just discovered today that your mother was in the hospital. she will be in my prayers tonight. hope she is comfortable. your decor today is splendid. Bestest,Denise

debi lynn mattingly said...

Hey girlfriend!
Lovin' it all!!! Sorry to hear about your mom...but, glad to hear she is doing a bit better. I am sure this is especially difficult being the holiday season, but I am sure she will be back home way before Christmas---with her "bells" on!

Your treasures were shipped today, so should be there soon! xo...deb

Unknown said...

Love the natural wood with the colours. Charmaine

Lululiz said...

I am not a fan of bright red, but even I have to admit that those little slippers are the cutest things. I would have picked them up as well.

manon 21 said...

En voyant cette boite en fer je ne sais pas si je vais passer une bonne journée....magnifique!
tout ce que j'aime.
Bonne journée à toi ,vient jouer chez moi.



manon 21 said...

Va voir mon cahier d'inspiration

merci pour ce moment


Annemary said...

ohhhhhhhhhhh comme j'aimerais trouver des belles pantoufles rouges comme les tiennes pour mon Noé d'Amour qui va avoir 1 an à Noël!!!!bisous j'ai ton esprit de Noël

leslie said...

Beautiful decorations. Simple is lovely.
Prayers for your Mom and a speedy recovery.

One Cheap B*tch said...

Those red shoes are just darling!


Unknown said...

I'm SO with you on the simplistic approach to decorating this year. I don't want to buy anything - I'm sure I have plenty in my attic already. I don't want over the top sparkle, just a natural, simple decor this year. But I do have 3 kids, and I have to keep them in mind and do want (especially for my youngest) to make sure there's a little bit of 'awe' and wonder involved. So we'll see, but we won't be putting out decorations up until maybe this weekend :)


Michelle Palmer said...

Anthro... one mile from home... oh dear! :)
Keeping your mom, you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.
Love your post... (and relate to it) simple and vintage Christmas decorations seem to be perfect this year.
Wishing you peace and joy~

Curtains in My Tree said...

Unbelievable You find the cutest red baby shoes of anyone.I just love them.

I am whining but I wish there was good resale shops here with cute red baby shoes

Love your tin stars also

Wish your Mom the best

Jem said...

Those baubles look simply gorgeous! :-)

I love the little slippers!

Jem xXx

Samantha Savage Breit said...

I Love your images of industrial vintage mixed with nature and a whole lot of Love. I have been following your blog now for awhile and have finally found the time, after being gifted with 2 babies in 2 years, to begin my own. You are an inspiration for creating a house a home. xo

Rosemary said...

Beautiful as always Laura!!
Happy Holidays!!

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

I love old light reflectors, yours have such a beautiful old patina...hope your mom is recuperating well...XO

Susanne said...

Love that star with the red, never seen anything like it, and those little red slippers, too cute. I bought some small old red tool boxes, my intent was to make like a shadow box, didn't happen. Nor did the ornaments out of the string light guards. All I need now is something shinney and some greenery. Thanks for the inspiration!