Friday, June 15, 2012

Deanna's Beautiful Victorian Home

As promised...
here is a glimpse of Deanna's lovely Victorian home.

She very graciously invited us to dinner during my weekend
 with the girls in Connecticut.
I hadn't been to Deanna's home for a few years...
...since the Home and Garden Tour.

Deanna has a love of rich and vibrant color....
...her home is filled with period antiques and her many collections.

These are the painted back stairs that lead from the kitchen
 to the second floor.

Just outside the kitchen is this lovely pergola covered area...
...Deanna served our dinner here.
Carole from Maynard Greenhouse joined us!
It was so fun to sit and catch up with these girls
 on a beautiful June evening.

Some of Deanna's many collected clocks hang on the wall
 next to the swinging doors that lead into the dining room.

This Victorian inspired and decorated bathroom is off the kitchen.... even has a claw foot tub behind the door.

In the dining room Deanna installed gold trim below the crown molding.
 She found it when we were all together hunting treasure
 at the Madison Bouckville show in upstate New York 
several summers ago.

I was impressed then...
that she found bundles of this special trim.
And now, I am really impressed to see that she actually installed it.
 It looks beautiful and just as if it has always been there!

This gorgeous built in cupboard is original to the house and was covered with layers of paint when Deanna and Scott moved in.
She was delighted to discover a switch that lit the interior.

One of the comfy parlors...

Over the years, Deanna and her husband
 have put in many hours restoring the home.

Deanna has filled it with period pieces
 and decorated it in true Victorian fashion.

The wrap around porch provides many covered areas
 for relaxing, reading or visiting.

I hope you have enjoyed this quick tour
 of Deanna's Victorian home.
Remember if you are in the area of Ivoryton, Connecticut ...
...a stop at her shop Gather should be at the top of your list.
You won't leave empty handed!

We are enjoying gorgeous weather here in the Adirondacks.
I have been having fun working on projects with Dad... 
...sorting and pricing odds and ends for the shop...
...and planting window boxes and zinc tubs with flowers.
Mr. Flea is thrilled to be out in his kayak again!

Hope you have fun plans for the weekend!

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Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

What a beautiful homey place! I have always loved this type of architecture since I first saw it as a young girl. Especially the porches! How lucky you all are to be getting together.

Donna said...

Beautiful home! I love the kitchen and dining room.

Anne said...

What a beautiful home!You captured it so well with your photos.How lucky for you to visit such a lovely place and spend time with great friends too.

Michele M./ Finch Rest said...

WOW- amazing.

But I have a question:

Is that an old organ in the last pic? I think it IS!

LizlovesVintage said...

What a stunning home. I wished I had a photo to show you both of my Grandmother's victorian home from NJ. Her porch wrapped around the opposite direction. Also, a small porch up in the window upstairs. If I remember correctly, same colors with the added mustard yellow trim? Thanks for the tour Laura and thank Deanna also for letting us see the beautiful interior :) Have a great weekend!
xxx Liz

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Dear Laura,
Deanna's home is wonderful. The Victorian houses in America are some of my favourite architecture. We live in a late Victorian/ early Edwardian house so this is close to my heart.
I cannot get over those painted stairs .... they are incredible !! I am sure that you girls had a wonderful time.
Sorry for my absence ..... my computer finally gave up and I am now getting my head around my new MacBook Pro !!
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend. XXXX

Woodside Park said...

Hi Laura and Deanna - Thank you for the tour! What a fantastic home with so much to love! The clock collection is wonderful. I love how Deanna has displayed them as a group. And, the wraparound porch is fabulous: I'd spend so much time out there. Definitley will visit Gather. Have a great weekend :-)

.♥.Gaby.♥.Homestyle.♥.. said...

Beautiful home and blog you have..♥
Hugs Gaby..♥

.♥.Gaby.♥.Homestyle.♥.. said...

I Lovely your two baby dolls ....♥..♥..♥..♥
where are they for sale???
I fell in love with they ohh...I fell in love with let me know please ..;))
Wonderfull ...♥♥
Hugs Gaby..♥

Anonymous said...

What a lovely home and darling shop! Thank you so much for the tour

Unknown said...

What a beautiful home!! You just don't find these in Florida..
Thank you for a great tour, Laura.
Have a wonderful weekend!!
I'm off to visit your new FB..

louise said...

What a gorgeous home! I went on a Victorian open house event a couple of years back in Pasadena with equally lovely homes. Thanks for the tour.

ByLightOfMoon said...

WOW, Deanna does have a beautifully showcased home, just like in a magazine! She is a fine decorator and you shared it beautifully. I adore all the detail you told us.

You are always a delight to visit!

Smiles, Cyndi

Jennifer @ Town and Country Living said...

Gorgeous home both inside and out. Love the painted stairs! Thanks for giving us a tour.

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Thanks for taking us on a tour of this fascinating and beautiful home. It is one of those magical places that you need to constantly be looking up and down and all around to not miss a thing! I love all the clocks on the kitchen wall.

Andy's Attic said...

She does have a lovely home and one can tell they have put much attention to detail. So glad you are enjoying your Dad's company. A Happy Father's Day to Mr. Flea and your Dad!

Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

Thanks for the tour of your friend's gorgeous period home she has so lovingly restored. From the lighting to the painted floors (that stairway!!!) to the antique furniture, it's a warm and welcoming home.

C De-sign said...

Thank you for sharing those lovely pictures ! A home with lots of atmosphere....... Wish you a nice day! Hugs from C

W. theAntiquesLovers said...

What a gorgeous house!!! just love it!! congratulations to your friend Deanna!!! Lucky you!!

sara said...

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