Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Thank You Roseanna!

Way back in February I entered Roseanna's giveaway
 at her blog After I Finish This Row
at meli-melo-art.blogspot.com
Are you familiar with Roseanna's work?
 She is a mixed media artist and creates all sorts of wonderful things.
Well, anyways...
I won her give away and last week when I returned from Florida
 her box of treasures was waiting for me! 

Just look at this hand knit nest with 3 tiny quail eggs!

Also included were a vintage doily pin
 made with vintage velvet leaves and seam binding,

 a recycled crochet covered jar,

 a stuffed heart with a vintage button
tied on with baker's twine,

 a small garland made with French primer pages
and 2 sweet paper butterflies,

 two fabric printed vintage pictures of a little flower girl
 (who happens to be her Aunt Rose at three years old, c. 1923) 
and two fabric printed urns.

So many goodies and so much talent!
Thank you Roseanna!

If you would like to see more of Roseanna's creations you can visit

 her Etsy shop meli-melo-art  HERE

Just thought you would like to see!

Hope you are having a good week.


Jenny Petricek said...

What a lovely surprise for you...and such adorable pieces! Roseanna's brand of art is so unique, unlike anything I've seen done with paper before!

Allie said...

Wow, these are little treasures for sure. Very unique and beautiful too. What a lovely gift to win, congrats.

Blondie's Journal said...

What a great assortment of treasures! She really has a lot of creative ingenuity! Lucky you to be the recipient!! Love it all!


Suz said...

That is an absolutely beautiful nest and a fine assortment of other lovely treasures. The textures are so wonderful and I love the soft grey colors. A truly beautiful gift. I am so glad you won!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Congratulations on winning!

Rachel Noelle Pallas said...

Darling treasures ;) Hugs,Rachel

French Farmhouse 425

Free Art Printables said...

Those things are so sweet! I love the nest!

Unknown said...

I am blushing, and so glad that you are enjoying your little treasures. Did you happen to bring any warm weather back with you? It was snowing yesterday, upstate!!

oldgreymare said...

you lucky girl and what wonderful treasures from Roseanna.


It's me said...

This is so nice !!...have a nice day Laura...love Ria.....xxx....

manon21 said...

De très jolis présents ,un grand plaisir de savoir que c'est fait avec ses mains juste pour toi.

Belle journée


Susy said...

The nest is incredible! All those treasures were meant for you - a match made in heaven. Welcome home and Easter blessings.

Jamie said...

Wow - what a great set of goodies

Beatnheart said...

wow her work is very cool.

Simply Bungalow said...

Beautiful. I love the nest!

nancy said...

Love days like yours...coming home to such a lovely surprise ♥ Love the colors too! Thanks for sharing ♥

Fete et Fleur said...

Snuggle on down and rest. The cleaning can wait. Hope you're feeling better today. :~)


Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Laura, I have never seen a hand knit nest before..it is adorable!! What sweet gifts from Roseanna. I hope you have a wonderful Easter.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, what a wonderful assortment of treasures!