Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Story... and An Introduction to a Special New Blog!

My goodness!
Who would have thought that we were such a romantic lot?

Thank you for all the wonderful stories you wrote....such mystery, intrigue and romance!

It was uncanny the way that some of you touched upon some very obscure facts!
For instance, Ellie speaks of a Mr. William Abbot... could she possibly know that there is a William Abbott in my family?

...I hope I do not disappoint you too much as there is no REAL story attached to these layered photographs. As I was playing around with them it came to mind that I was so drawn to these images for several reasons.
First of all my grandparents had a farm a mile from where I grew up....I have many fond memories playing in the orchards and climbing the fruit and chestnut trees.
I have listened to many stories of picking fruit and late nights canning...and of course, my grandmother made the best pies ever...

The pictures of the two girls were found together at the flea market and were obviously taken at the same I imagined they were sisters...

If you have been reading my blog for any length of time, you know how close I am with my sisters.

Debbie wrote:

Two girls trapped in a life of kitchen work. All they wanted was some time away from the never ending crops that had to be canned.

Oh yes....I can identify with that!

...and Tina wrote:

The Barnes sisters, dreaming of a life far removed from their mother's life as the wife of an apple orchard owner.
Oh not for the Barnes girls this life of apples, apples, apples!

I got a kick out of that!
As a young man, my Dad was happy to get away from the farm...

...and I love what Tracie wrote:

Beatrice Barnes & Odetta Orchards.
... One was quite a salty character and the other sweet as pie...

In any case, your imaginative and creative stories were wonderful!
Thank you for playing along!

And now...I want to introduce you to a brand new blog!
It belongs to my dear friend Evi who has just published her first post this afternoon!

As many of you already know Evi and her legendary dolls and other creations...I am sure you will be delighted to know that in the weeks ahead, you will be able to get a further glimpse into her home, her gardens and the fabulous studio where she creates her wonderful dolls.

Evi will still be participating in several shows per year but hopes to use her blog as a more effective means to share her one of a kind creations with her regular customers all over the world and with new customers too.

I was visiting this afternoon and this little sign was just outside the door to her studio...

Just a few images from the garden beyond...

If you get a chance, pop on over for a visit and welcome her to our wonderful blogging community.

Evi has so much talent and much to share with us.

I hope this week is going well for all of you... is certainly flying by for me!

Pleasant dreams!


Ella said...

I gasped, when I read that, Wow! Yesterday, I participated in a blog post, called Your Town
There is this old home, near my house, that I found out is haunted, the owner's name was
William Riley Abbott. I loved the name; I decided to use it! Seriously, this is eerie, but also fun! I love the story we all wrote together. I do often, think and wonder, when I find or purchase an old photo, what were their lives like. I may try this on my blog, but I will mention your blog, when I do!
I want to hear about your, William Abbott~

I will check out the blog; always fun to visit new people~

Thanks for the mystery...

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Ooh Laura,
I am so happy to hear this news of Evi's blog, I will go right over and welcome her to blogging!

As far as Beatrice & Odetta... who knows what type of adventures they'll bring us next? Or as my husband says, my imagination runs wind at times. My week is flying by as well. Happy week!

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

Hi Laura~
I will visit your friend. have a great week.

Gypsy Purple said...

Really enjoyed this!!

Jamie said...

Can't wait to visit Evi. I love her dolls! Thanks for introducing us all to her! Jamie V in MT

Anonymous said...

Love your post.. so interesting.. wow..
I will go visit your friend it is so much fun finding new bloggers..dont you love it?

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Laura, thanks for sharing Evi with us~ her work is truly lovely!

LiLi M. said...

Your such a great friend, thanks for introducing me to that lovely blog!

cheryl kuhn said...

I am so happy that Evi will be joining blogland, I am on my way over to welcome her right now! Thanks so much for sharing some of the stories, there are so many creative women out there!!

Linda said...

Laura thanks for sharing your stories and I have already been over to Evi sight and joined.
Drop by my blog if you get a chance. I'm having a giveaway for $50.00 gift certificate at CSN stores.

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

Laura, thanks so much for letting us know that Evi just started her blog - judging from glimpses of her world on your blog, it is going to be wonderful. I'm so glad your week is whizzing by.

La Petite Gallery said...

Well, it seems everyone loved this post , me included. Thanks for sharing..yvonne

Bonjade said...

Oh yep I am going to check this out......
Thanks my dear friend....
Nice evening

Mélanie A. said...

Thanks for sharing . I'm going to Evi's blog

Rosemary said...

Hi Laura,
Great tales and new blog friends, what more could we ask for?
Glad you like the burlap too!!
Have a wonderful day,


Thank you Laura, you are so kind.

And your blog is lovely as ever,

Hugs Aina

Evi said...

Dear Laura,
I want to thank you again, this time on the blog that started all this. Thanks for helping me out, thanks for introducing me to your world and most of all just for being my friend! You truly are a treasure,
lots of XOX,

Carole said...

Laura so happy to see Evi's blog up and running! and I'm sure she's made a lot of ppl happy now that they can see more of her amazing work.
Sorry I've been absent from the blog world lately. I miss you and all my blog friends.
Is winter almost here???lol

Ange said...

Coucou Laura, I`m sneaking away from my friends to borrow their computer for 2 minutes. Will definitely get into Evi`s blog on my return from England in two weeks. Just wanted to say that your yellow pottery will soon come back into fashion. It still is as in fashion as ever in Provence ;-)xxx Ange