Monday, March 9, 2009

A Different Side of Webster's Flea Market

OK, here's a little of the masculine, the wild and the woolly side of our flea market trip today. You asked for got it!!!
The last three pictures are of piles, and I mean piles of what I was told were bubble gum prizes from the 50''s where I found the bounty of ballerinas in my previous post. Be sure to click to enlarge those! Wow.....what a pile of delicious junk! Calling all you mixed media artists!


Carole said...

OMG ... you could spend hours in those piles.
The horns I thought were a little scary but the more I kept looking at them the more I could picture hanging my hats or jewelry off the horns...well maybe not. My vegetarian guilt would prevent me.

Anonymous said...

Je craque pour les petits moules à lapin !!!