Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Cameo Appearance

Sepia tones, ivory dresses, soft and lovely ladies.........so soothing to look at, so comforting to remember the women in my father's family.....Aunt Belle, Mimi, Nana, FiFi and Nani......how fortunate am I to have known and loved them all.


Anonymous said...

Nana! Aunt Alice! Nani Fifi and Mimi!
Oh the memories. Oh the cool dresses! The shoes!
I love you for this blog, (since its inception)it's you, and now everyone can see how deeply creative you are. I'm in awe that you're doing it, I love your stuff, and I feel proud to call you sister. ( I love you for other stuff too) You know... Everything. MB

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

geez,louise,mb.....thanks and i love u more!

manon 21 said...

thank you.I love your blog too!!!


Annemary said...

très beaux bijoux et vieilles photos .....j'ai aussi eu plein de tantes....chez ma maman il y avait 7 filles et 4 garçons .....il ne reste que maman la dernière elle a 90 ans.....Mariette,marguerite,Lucie Jeanne ,Berthe,Bluette et Suzanne ....des noms de l'époque bizzzzzzzzzzzz