Friday, March 27, 2009

The Art of the Vignette

My dear pal Paula Bruso has perfected the art of arranging charming and artisitc vignettes. They abound in every room of her charming New England farmhouse. Here she re-purposes a tool case into a closet of sorts for some vintage childrens' clothes in a corner of an upstairs bedroom.

Paula has a knack for using unusual finds and rustic castoffs in new and decorative ways.

This old garden gate replaces a bedroom door and makes this upstairs room feel like a cozy tree house.

Iron grates, outdoor sinks....she brings it all inside and incorporates it into her nature inspired and garden home.

I marvel at her imagination sometimes and wonder how a pharmacist (which she is) can have such a creative side.

Paula has a love of folk art and handmade creations and uses them throughout her home to create ingenious little scenes and artisitc displays.

A pair of Evi''s spectacular bunnies sit in a corner by the window next to an old dress form.

Family photos, handmade tags and cards adorn this wire holder in the hallway.

This little vignette is on one of the shelves of a tall chimney cupboard.

The back of a door has it's own surprise visual treat.

This architectual piece hangs in her dining room and holds several old apothocary jars, a bird's nest, a tiny cricket cage and a jar of quail eggs.

A few pieces of her brown transferware collection are displayed in the cupboard.

These abandoned bird nests sit on an iron rack above the sofa....topped with an old iron decorative piece.

Here is Paula, perusing the merchandise outside the shops in Essex.

Postscript.......these pictures were taken in September of 2006 and the creative displays and vignettes have been changed many times over since then! Just a reminder.....Paula's home and gardens will be part of a wonderful garden tour on June 20th this year......If you are in the area of Centerbrook, is not to be missed!


Stephanie said...

Is that a luggage trunk in the first photo? Divine. I really like when things are used for another purpose in decorating.

Bleudelavande said...

My God Laura ,lucky girl!!! I'm so in love with all of your friend Paula. She is simply GREEEEAAAAAT!!!!She works wonders!!!!I'm so excited and inspired! Tank you very much for sharing! I'll programme a journey in the Centerbrook! That's sure!!!Have a nice weekend

Hollypop's said...

Inspirational photos, your friend has some great ideas, I love her house and her style.
Have a fab weekend.

sylvia said...

I love the pictures...I can not choose which one is my favourite but the one with the flowers in the basket makes me the happiest!! I love your blog and will add you to my blogroll so that more people will find you!!

Les Cotrions said...

Your photos are so charming and inspiring! Great!!!
Warm hugs

cheryl kuhn said...

What an enchanting and magical place! How lucky you are to visit it. Thanks so much for sharing it with all of us!

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura!!!Thanks for all the publicity!!!By the way -you are better at vignettes than I am. Talk to you soon , love, Paula.

anythinggoeshere said...

I remember seeing her house in Country Home or Country Living and admiring the freshness of it all. xo Joan

Salon de Sucre said...

Wow adorable.. I bet they dont have any dust in their weather.. if I put a display like that in my home in Kuwait I'd have to spend all day everyday cleaning the dust out from every little detail..

I admire her displays .. they make life so sweet!