Monday, December 27, 2010

A Few December Anthro Pics

My local Anthropologie store used a very green approach to their window displays this December.
Not my favorite but always interesting and thought provoking!

This industrial looking radiator chair is certainly very cool to look at but not one I would choose to curl up in with a book
 especially on this cold and winterly day! is a piece of art for sure!

Love the clock cases and the pallet treatment on the wall...
...not as fond of the paint cans but they certainly provide
 pops of vivid color!

There's that lace doily headboard in the background again...
... always so much inspiration to be found here.

The after Christmas sales must be amazing now
 but I imagine the snow storm is keeping everyone away. 
It certainly is keeping me inside!

All this green sort of works for the New Year... 
new growth... chances to try again at whatever we are reaching for!

I'm a list maker.
I think it helps me to put things down on paper.

I'm formulating my resolutions,
 my "to do" list and my 
"needs versus wants" list for the New Year.

I have been adding to my "gratitude" list all year long.
That's my most important list of all.

Did you start yours yet?


Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

I always have a list for the new year... Thanks for the reminder to check my last year's list. I have one week to get it done!

Blondie's Journal said...

I always wonder who designs the Anthropologie stores...they really are talented. I find a lot of inspiration there, too.

Resolutions. Ugh! They usually don't stray too far from the year before. The usual, lose weight, lose weight and lose weight. But this year I am trying to work more on goals and not just bad habits. Gives me something to look forward to!


Lylah Ledner said...

I also visited the Anthro in PDX yesterday and posted some blog pictures....that metal chair was in one of the two I'd visited as well. LOVE that place :-)

Kim said...

I love the radiator chair but I agree...not too comfortable and really icy cold looking...or it could be scorchingly hot too? (I don't think I spelled that word correctly oh well). I don't have any resolutions...I never keep them or else I make them too outrageous and unreachable. How about trying to be calm and happy and clutter controlled...I mean control my clutter. Yeah right....

Glenda/MidSouth said...

I am a serious "List Maker"! I have a stack of lists. Now - if I could get around to doing something about them. :-D
Have a great week!

north pal said...

always love seeing your pics of Anthro. they certainly do have some very talented folks that do the decorating. always full of thoughts for change. Bestest,Denise

sandy said...

I'm a list maker also. I make lists of my lists! And I love goal setting and making resolutions.... But I DO allow myself some spontaneity as well! ; )

My ( young 30ish ) daughter just introduced me to Anthropologie. She receives their catalog. Am I way behind the times? Guess I'll have to pay more attention. Thanks for sharing the photos... lots of inspiration there...

Have a Happy New Year!


Gypsy Fish said...

Oh Laura I saw this chair in NYC but they didn't have the bed....oooh la la lace meets industrial chic....Happy Holidays!

Anji Johnston said...

Don't you just love Anthro! So very original all the time. Thanks for the pics - I haven't had a chance to visit one of their stores in a long time.
As for resolutions - no idea but thanks for making me think about thinking about them! Hope you're not snowed in for too long. I just made it back to Virginia from upstate NY in the nick of time! I even drove through the night to avoid being stuck on the New Jersey turnpike for days! Keep warm!

Heaven's Walk said...

Anthro ---- lots of creative minds working there for sure! Love that dresser with the numbers on it. :) Resolutions?? Ugh. I'm with's all about losing weight and eating more healthy and ignoring my hubby eating ice cream.... lol!

xoxo laurie

Rhonda said...

I so love Anthro and if I had seen the numbered table drawers, it would have been in my SUV immediately. Each store has different furniture, curses! LOL

I have started my list and it begins with eating healthier foods. Sigh

Laurie said...

I love the inspiration anthropolgie gives us! Hope you are staying cozy and warm and out of the storm!

I'm working on my list too...

Suz said...

I swear our Anthro is not quite that amazing. Strange. My list begins with being grateful for every day my husband is around (he has pancreatic cancer). That is not easy. I would like to be a little bitter about things but there isn't time for that. I also plan to give him a kiss and tell him I love him at least once a day.
Hugs to you, Laura,

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hi Dear Laura
Well my first item on my gratitude list is my wonderful friends that have given me so much kindness this year,. such as yourself..

Now... i just love that chest of drawers with the 1st,2nd,3rd.. something very appealing about it.. besides the fact it comes with counting lessons.. hehe.. Thanks for always showing us the Anthropology shots.. We don't have it here so it's great to see it through your eyes!!

Have a wonderful week.. ciao xxx Julie

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Hey Laura, I was just a few doors down from Anthro today and didn't have time to stop by :( Wish I would have stopped now. Have a great week and New Years, T

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Although the prices are outrageous, I do love Anthropologie for inspiration. I could walk around in there for hours just gazing at everything. I tried that this summer but my kids were tagging along and all I kept hearing was "come on MOM!" :/ I always start the new year off reading Simple Abundance. Each and every year, I continue to get something out of it. A time for reflection. Warm wishes to you and yours. Tammy

Gracefully Vintage said...

Thank You for sharing the pics, as im getting ready to swap out our front holiday windows, im searching for differ- unique-vintage-french and new Year..
Thanks So Much

Fishtail Cottage said...

Agree....always the coolest finds at Anthropology!

Unknown said...

Yes, I always have lists. Long-, medium- and short-terms. And I like them. They are my "red line" through the year but also through life. But they will never shorter. Always add new points, ideas and projects ;)

Your pictures are great - thank you so much for sharing!



Andi's English Attic said...

Love the giant bobbins on top of the drawers. The paint tins would make a great game for the kids - throwing tennis balls into them. I wonder who the typical Anthro shopper is? Who are their target customers? xx

Sue (Vintage Rescue) said...

Love the Anthro pix! I tried to take photos at a local one (we have 3!) a few weeks ago and they said no. I think I'll hit up another one during my lunch break today and see what they may still have up over the holidays. Anyway, it was beauteous. All the tables had sugarcubes and pinecones strewn about. Free People (an offshoot) had a huge wall of tangled christmas lights that blew me away! XOX

Unknown said...

ai-yi-yi! That chair! I guess it's an art piece for someone more avant garde than me... lol. It looks cold and ouchy!



Rebecca Lewis said...

Love Anthro window and store displays ~ I always have to see what is new when in NYC!
I am a list maker but not so much for the New Year ~ mostly "To-do" lists. I guess I just take the rest of it day by day...

Philippe Rissetto said...

Merci pour ce reportage dans cette belle boutique! Bises de Provence.

manon 21 said...

merci pour la ballade chez Anthropologie.
Je pense que ta maison doit être belle sous la neige.
Ici en Provence un peu de ciel bleu...



Rosemary said...

Hi Laura,
Happy New Year!!!
I have a list a mile long of stuff I want to get done. Love your photos!
It was great to hear from you. I so enjoy your blog. Wish I had more time to look at it.

Anne Lorys said...

Great Anthro pics!
Our local store spazzes out if you take pics, so there ya go.

My NY resolution is not to make any...I just break 'em anyway! ;-)


Vicki Boster said...

I LOVE Anthropologie - think they have the most amazing displays - your photos are fabulous - as always! That lace headboard is amazing! I am like you- I just want to walk around and take photos when I am there - (because I can't afford to buy anything there thats for sure!)!!


Sarah said...

Thanks for this post, there are a lot of wonderful ideas for next festive season. The painted pine cones are especially original and inspired!