Monday, November 22, 2010

The Tenacity of the Pink Petunia and The 600th Post Gratitude Give-Back Continues!

This pink petunia just won't give up!
It is still blooming away in it's zinc bucket outside on the deck.
Doesn't it realize that spring has sprung?
Summer has passed?
Autumn is here?
We have even had a bit of frost...

 But this feisty little pink petunia just won't give up!

I like her attitude!

I put a few blossoms in a quirky bed spring made into a vase.
Did you notice my little friend sitting by the bed spring?

 ...when I saw this little fellow looking up at me from the table
at the flea market...
I just had to give him a home.


Have you had a chance to enter the
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So, should we add some buttons to the prizes to be won in this
600th Post Gratitude Give-Back?

 I certainly have lots of buttons!

Yes, I think so. 
I will grab a handful of buttons out of that glass jar to add to

1. The Victorian night dress
2. The four vintage photos of Aunt Nancy
3. The rusty skeleton keys, vintage trims, rhinestones, lace collar, vintage hankie, matching pot holders and vintage rosary beads.

 You just never know what you will find in an old button jar.
(An old garter? screws? a religious medal? a magnet? an old tack?)

 And then let's add this sweet little handmade flower brooch to pin on your sweater or coat.

 Do you like vintage millinery flowers?
We will include this sweet little sprig...

 ...and how about a few of these pink blossoms?

 ...and finally, at least for tonight...
let's add this vintage box of mending cotton threads.
Love the soft and muted colors!

Thank you friends for all your kind comments.
Thank you for sharing all your blessings
and all that you are thankful for!

A few more days and a few more treasures to be added to this Give-Back before we are done!

I sure hope you are having a good week!


melanie said...

the dog is just the cutest...would have grabbed him, too!
love your blog- always such great pictures...
Happy Thanksgiving!

Olive said...

Love the buttons. I collect them also.

Concrete Jungle said...

Many congrats...600 is amazing!

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

So many wonderful goodies!!

vintage tickled pink said...

i would love love love the buttons. have alot but love to google over more please enter me thanks diane from vintage-tickled-pink

Carole said...

Boy I have to catch up. I've missed all these posts. Such a generous spirit you have Laura. The winner will be a lucky girl...or boy haha
for sure.
Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Birthday if I don't get back here before then.
Miss you,

*Maristella* said...

Hai tuo blog è splendido! Io collezioni anche bottoni vecchi...e merceria antica...lovely!
Un abbraccio, *Maristella*.

Rozmeen said...


Lovely pictures!

wishing you a lovely day,

WinnibriggsHouse said...

That little dog is so cute. i would have had to take him home too. Our flower star is a geranium. Planted back in our early summer, it is still flowering outside my front door. A blaze of orange which goes beautifully with the Autumn leaves.

Andi's English Attic said...

When my Nan died I had her giant sweet jar full of buttons. When we took the lid off, an awful sour smell came up to meet us. At the bottom of the buttons I found a small cardboard tub from a pharmacy dating back to the 50's and marked 'THE PILLS'. That's all it said. The mind boggles what they were for - so secret they couldn't be named. I still have some of the buttons which I used to decorate tote bags, but a lot were permanently spoiled by the smell of those 'pills'.
Today I am thankful for my pleasure in small things such as a jar of buttons. :) xx

Rummet för välbefinnande said...

Oh my gosh....
I´m quite busy right now, because I´m moving!
I have finally found the house that I have been dreaming of for a long time. I have seen it, I have felt it - IN MY DREAMS!!!! And that has been one of my daily things to be very grateful for. Staying focused on my dreams and never give them up. And then, suddenly - THERE IT WAS!
And everything happened so quickly.
So I´m packing up my things, placing them and enjoying this new place - and then I work very much this period. So I haven´t got so much spare time right now.
But - you see - when I visit your blog, when I see all these beautiful treasures you are giving back, I feel so happy for all your kindness.
Then I get a lot of energy and I´m ready for work again :) :)
So, thank you very much for that!
Wish you a nice day!
Hugs to you from a cold, snow-white Sweden!

BumbleBeeLane said...

Beauty in unexpected ways.So pretty and simple.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Donna Rafferty said...

What wonderful treasures you are finding - I love to see them!

Theresa said...

I LOVE petunias! I buy the wave petunias and they are pretty tough flowers! Love all of your goodies and I would be honored to win:) Cute puppy, yes he was asking to come home with you! Have a blessed day! HUGS!

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

That perky pink petunia - gotta love it! Oh, I'm really loving all of your treasures, Laura. So glad you took that little puppy home with you - adorable! p.s. I think it would be fun just to play with your buttons for a day - a button party!

Jem said...

The little puppy has the most adorable expression, so glad you gave him a kind home! :-) Petunia showing some fighting spirit!!

Jem xXx


I had to leave a note saying how much I enjoy your beautiful blog. It is a quiet respite in my otherwise difficult days. Thanks for sharing your trips to flea markets and antique stores, stories about your life. Love your photos of your collections. I, too, have a thing for buttons! Thanks. Casey

Andy's Attic said...

Puppy would have had to come home with me too. Isn't it funny how things just tug at our heart? Your give back is so generous and all the things you are adding are just great. Miss Laura, you have a generous heart!

Lululiz said...

That little doggie has the sweetest face, how could anybody resist that please-be-my-mummy-and-take-me-home look?

Tawnya said...

I love your blog. I check it all the time, but don't write you a note. I love buttons. May I be lucky enough to win!

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

That's great you're already to 600, you have much to say.

I dropped by to wish you a happy Thanksgiving! I would've taken that little dog home too, he's adorable.

Evi said...

I love everything, but love,love the sprig of little flowers. Could see that with one of my bunnies. What a treat you are giving us, or especially the person who wins the loot!
Love you and talk to you tomorrow,

Fete et Fleur said...

Happy Thanksgiivng to you and your family! That little puppy has got to be the sweetest little thing I've seen in a long time. Congratualtions on your 6ooth posts!! WOW!!


Rebecca said...

Many Blessings to you and yours this Thanksgiving day!

debi lynn mattingly said...

Hey sweet girlfriend!
Man, I need to make a trip up North just to raid your closets!!! :) Thanks for the sweet comments, and wishing you and your loved ones a beautiful and loving Thanksgiving! XO....deb

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhhhh what a wonderful giveaway. Should I win, I would be so thankful. Other "thankfuls" in my life? Health that is hanging on and keeping me going, finances that are keeping me out of the poorhouse, love that surrounds me, and my ability to get out and about and be useful in my community.

SuZeQ ~

Anonymous said...

I am a follower, too! Guess that means I have two chances to win. Thanks again!
SuZeQ ~

Simply Bungalow said...

I love all those buttons!