Sunday, September 5, 2010

52 Flea Cleans Up

Recently, at a multi dealer antique center I found an old Ivory Soap box.
I brought it home and filled it with my vintage soaps.
It's perfect in a corner of my blue and white kitchen!

Today was cloudy and damp so we did a lot of reading and a bit of cooking.
I am looking forward to some sunshine tomorrow so I can get outside and take some pictures to share!

I hope you
have a wonderful week!



Val said...

Be still my heart!!! I love it.....

north pal said...

basically, that's what hubby and did today also. sat outside at the picnic table,visited and watched c.c. our cat play around and hunt in the grass. Bestest,Denise p.s.i so remember very well the ivory soap as a kid. so pure and it floated. that was magic for a kid :)

Kathy said...

So the joke is:

A man and a woman are in a haunted hotel. All night they hear a scary voice say, "It flooooats...IT FLOOOOATS...." Biting her nails in terror the woman screams "STOP, STOP....WHAT FLOATS??!!" The ghost replies in a normal rather comical voice, "Ivory soap. Ivory soap floats."
the end...


Sarah said...

What a fun find! Glad you had a restful day. ~ Sarah

The Green Pea said...

The soap box is a great find. Love it! sandi

Rachel Noelle Pallas said...

~*~* I am LOVING that box!!!~*~*Lucky U!*!*:)Rachel~*~*

Unknown said...

Hi Laura. That is a cute box. I love that you had the vintage soap to go in it.

Hugs...Tracy :)

manon21 said...

Ici c'est une collection de savon de Marseille.
Ce bleu est beau.

bonne journée


Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Dear Laura,
Well, it just shows how old I am as I can remember Ivory soap and that packaging !!
Have a lovely new week and I hope that the weather cheers up. XXXX

Andi's English Attic said...

Oh, the box is great. What a great thing to have found. xx

Colette said...

Hello Laura, I can just imagine the excitement when you found this soap box! it is just gorgeous the way you did your vignette with the soap -but then of course we know however you choose to use it, would be pretty and perfect! have a lovely day Colette x

Alyssa said...

So clean! What a great find! ;)Alyssa of Boston

Natasha Burns said...

oh it is beautiful, love this box. and i love your soap, it's so fresh and clean, and i can almost smell it through the screen! wish i could :)

Theresa said...

Ahhhh the smell of Ivory soap, clean and fresh! Love the blue and white! Enjoy your day and hopefully you will see some sunshine!


gail said... get the best stuff!

Jeanne Oliver said...

That is so fun. I have never seen vintage Ivory soap!!!

Kateyed said...

What a great find, Laura! That is my childhood right there.

Susan Freeman said...

I wish that Soap would come in such sweet boxes today!

Susan and Bentley

Burlap Luxe said...

Great find!! Contact Ivory soap send them photo's see what they have to say. You can set up your little advertising on it :) great box!
Thank you for visiting me Laura and your comment, I will treasure your words :)

PS. Keep on inspiring us!!!

Carole said...

Oh Laura you must have gotten so excited when you saw that box and knew exactly how you were going to use it. I was just saying to George that it's funny that modern manufacturers don't make beautiful graphics on their boxes.
Then if you left the cereal box out you wouldn't mind it so much:))
Hope you can make it on Thursday!!!


Jamie said...

Beautiful - and I'll bet is smells amazing.