Sunday, March 4, 2012

Grapefruit and Blossoms

Just outside the window at Dad's place here in Florida...

...a grapefruit tree is serving up breakfast in the morning...

...and the most delicious fragrance all day long.

A few blossoms added to a dish of seashells bring the scent indoors.

We have had a fun week with temperatures
 in the high 80's as well as the low 50's.
Several thrifty excursions and a wonderful day at the beach
 yielded vintage treasures as well as a sack full of pretty shells.

More photos soon!

Happy Birthday to my big sister Lynn!
I love you, miss you and can't wait to see you next week!

Tomorrow Mr. Flea is taking me to Webster
 for a morning of treasure seeking in the sunshine state!
:) yippee!

Hope you are having a great weekend!


Wild Oak Designs said...

Great shots of the grapefruit blossoms! We have an orange tree that is blooming profusely and I look forward to oranges...
Come for a visit to

Anne said...

Enjoy the weather.Great photos of that tree.I can just smell those grapefruits.One of our favs in this house.My family lives in Southern Florida they have a mango tree.They get an abundance of those.Have fun on your treasure hunt.

manon 21 said...

Quelle chance Laura,profites de toutes ces belles choses et du soleil que j'attends avec impatience.

Bonne soirée


1 said...
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Anonymous said...

Have a great time and here is hoping that you find a few treasures!

Anonymous said...

Have a great time and here is hoping that you find a few treasures!

Anonymous said...

Oh Laura, I can just smell the blossoms now!
They are so beautiful as are your photos!
I'm so glad your having a lovely time and enjoy the beautiful weather!
We're having a lovely day here in So Cal, it's 81 today and I love it!
Have a wonderful day.

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Oh WOW Laura,
What a delight to see and smell that every morning ....and then eat it !!!!
I'm afraid that, even in the Summer, we wouldn't be able to grow grapefruit, apart from in the greenhouse.
Happy birthday from me to your sister and have a great time with Mr Flea. XXXX

Rostrose said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend, dearest Laura!
Wish you a great new week!
Warm hugs from Austria, Traude

Michele M./ Finch Rest said...

I have never smelled a grapefruit blossom, but I remember as a senior in high school driving through mid Florida with some pals right through orange groves.

I have never experienced anything quite like that, it was intoxicating and such a blessing.

You are so very fortunate.

Lilea said...

I love all the photos, but I especially love the one of the blossom and the shells! Awesome.

Bliss said...

When is "dads" next opening at his house, Brawn wants to take me treasure hunting too!


Deserae said...

Beautiful....I bet it smells just heavenly :o)

Burlap Luxe said...

I can smell its beauty all the way over here :)
Go inspired,then posting all the beauty we so love from you.

Happy Birthday to your sis!!


judi said...

how the smell of grapefruit! they must tast divine as well. you must be so glad you are not missing the mixed up weather we are having here...warm temps then snow then spring like then snow, etc!
enjoy your time away and with family. look forward to pics of all your "finds"

Low Tide High Style said...

I long to live in a place where I can walk outside and bring in fresh citrus year round! Your images are lovely. Happy Birthday to your sister Lynn, and I hope you found lots of treasures!

Kat :)

Fresh Vanilla For C said...

Love it~~ What a lovely view to have. I see the pretty blue sky too:) We are blessed with an abundance of the blue sky here too.
Have a wonderful week

amy of studio four corners said...

wonderful pics...I can smell the blossoms and feel the sunshine!

MoonBeam said...

Great scenery on a snowy day in Ohio. Love seeing honey bees.

Carole said...

I'm sure the grapefruit I had today was not as tasty as those. You lucky girl,

Pura Vida said...

It makes me happy to know some people can be happy with such simple things in life. Have you read the book treasures of the Sea by Anne morrow lindbergh? A very great easy read on loving simple stuff

Tawnya said...

I recently moved from Arizona to Idaho. In Az we grew Grapefruit and Lemons. Thank you for your photos to bring me back to that place in March. I loved it.

Florence said...

Have a beautiful sunshine week! I can almost smell those grapefruit blossoms. Hugs! Florence

Stan and Jody Gabara said...

Love fresh grapefruit juice first thing in the morning. Garage Sale finds this week!


W. theAntiquesLovers said...

Wow those pics make me feel already in the summer!! away from the clouds & rains we have in Italy right now!! Happy birthday to you sister too!

found and sewn said...

lovely photos...I can smell the grapefruit blossom from here!

trash talk said...

You mean grapefruits don't grow in those mesh bags at the grocer's?
Absolutely delightful.

Heaven's Walk said...

Oh yum....that grapefruit looks so good, Laura! The blossoms are gorgeous! Glad that you're having a good time in that delicious warm sunshine! :)

xoxo laurie

Kelly said...

I can't wait for warmer weather!!

French said...

Love the scent of grapefruit blossoms....thanks for the bit of sunshine this morning~

Clara said...

I love your blog. Very pretty!

LizlovesVintage said...

I'm glad all is well! Looks like your having fun and eating well!! I bet that tree is the best. My Mom's lemon tree is doing terrible. Send me some grapefruits!! Just kidding :)
Enjoy your Sunshine,
xxx Liz

Paula Parrish said...

Hello Laura,
Love your photos, so pretty. Have fun at Webster, I have been there one time and loved it.
Smiles, Paula

Susan Freeman said...

My grandmother had a grapefruit tree in her yard in Arizona. I miss the fragrance of those lovely blossoms.

Susan and Bentley

heleegreen said...

Its beautiful pix of grapefruit tree. Its look very attractive and cool feeling atmosphere. I like your post so much.

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