Monday, January 17, 2011

From Susie's Home to Yours!!

Susie of the blog From My Home To Yours...was a delightful surprise last Tuesday when I visited Shelley from Sweet Pea Home.

Here, was yet another blogger friend with a love of decorating with eclectic antiques, white chippy painted furniture, nature finds, beautiful accessories and well...
cool old junk!
 Not only that....she is a sweet and loving girl!  

Susie lives not too far from Shelley and invited
 Lynn and I to stop in at her charming home.

I am so glad we did!

Above is an inspiration fence in her studio.
Darn...I wish I had my better camera with me...sorry if my pics are a bit grainy!

Both Susie and her husband have been collectors for a long time. Susie sells some of her finds at a local antique mall where we even had a chance to poke around for a little while.
 She also has an Etsy here to view!

Susie and Michael currently rent this home and have fixed it up in such a charming fashion to fit their aesthetic. Here in the kitchen, Susie hung this wonderful old sign above the cupboards and changed out the pulls with these numbered ones.

 Susie's special number is 23!

...and look at this wonderful sign!
  Michael says that Susie just had to have it and once she explained that Winfield was a family name....well...she DID have to have it!!
Behind the french doors is Susie's studio...
 which was a very cool space and full of great stuff.

I loved this interesting old white dresser.
A lot of Susie's things she bought from Shelley and some of them she even sold back to Shelley and vice versa! 
I guess good friends are like that! :)

My friend Carole commented yesterday and said she thought that Shelley and Susie were like our friend Paula in Connecticut ...
...that they were the Paulas of the south....or perhaps Paula was the Shelley and Susie of the north?

In any case...
they all have a wonderful eye for beautiful old things and for displaying and using those pieces in artful and interesting ways!

How lucky am I to have these girls as friends?

I hope you have enjoyed this little tour of Susie's lovely home.
Thank you Susie for sharing your passion and talents with us and I LOVE my burlap sack with the hand stenciled 52 on it that you made just for me!
  (photo to follow soon!)

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Up from Renningers Extravaganza! 
coming soon!!

46 comments: said...

Another fabulous home tour!!!!LOVE it!!! Thanks for sharing. Your blog is always so much fun to read:)
~Debra xxx
Capers of the vintage vixens


Thats an absolut fabulous home - many creative ideas - I LOVE IT to see it - best regards from Jaqqueline - Germany -

Riviera Brides said...

Gorgeous post. Can I just enter it and live happily everafter? All the best, talk soon

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Oh Laura,
Susie's home is just my cup of tea. It is wonderful. I adore all of the distressed furniture and the signs are to die for. Whenever I read your posts I want to change all of my house around. I LOVE the clock parts....I can't seem to find any around here. I don't think that the junk shops have caught onto that one yet over here !!
Looking forward to more photos of everything shabby. XXXX

PCovi said...

What an amazing house to happen upon! Goodness!
Those signs are the best! Does she have a blog? Tell her please ever so get one :)

Andy's Attic said...

You are very lucky to have such great friends! Susie's home is wonderful. I just adore the knobs she used in the kitchen. Her home looks warm and fun and inspiring. Now I'm off to visit her blog.

Anonymous said...

great post I to am loving the old clock faces so vintage

PCovi said...

Well I wasn't paying attention, was I! I got so into the pictures I forgot you'd told us her blog right off the top! :)

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Hi Laura,
I am in love with all the photos you've shared with us here, thank you!

I always love to see what ideas people come up with in regard to TVs. I'm off to visit, thanks for the inspiration and sharing it with us.

My Country Heaven Cottage said...

I Love, Love, Love It & I want to be One of your friends & go Pokeing around with you girls!
Sounds like you all had a great time! Keep up the good work on your blog ! We love it!!!
All Smiles,Glenda

Leo said...

Wow - looks awesome. What a beautiful home they have created. I love the little pieces and interesting way they have put them together!

Nita Jo said...

Susie is one of the nicest people I've met while blogging. I love seeing the photos of her home. What a creative touch! I am now kicking myself for getting rid of my wire garden fencing... hanging it on the wall... what a sweet idea!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I loved seeing pics of her beautiful home. She is so talented!! Thanks for sharing, T

" SHABBY JUNK" said...

Wonderful house of white and shabby. My kind of place! judy

sweetpea said...

my friend susie's home is a treasure trove of chippy white fabulousness. it has a charm that is developed over time. she has some of the most gorgeous white pieces in old original paint around.



Anonymous said...

Very lucky, indeed, Laura! Great taste in friends who have great taste. :-)

Unknown said...

it looks realy nice, big hugh Kathrin have a great time !!!

Rebecca said...

Wow... loved every inch of that house!
Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful weekend. How inspiring

Jamie said...

What a beautiful home - thanks so much for sharing.

Tricia @ Vintage No. 35 said...

Beautiful pictures!

Floss said...

How wonderful - thanks for sharing. I need to tell you about my father in law's eccentric cousin, I think! She owns a rundown family farmhouse in the south west of England, and has no inclination to spend money on her home, and probably thinks she has no interest in home decor. However, she has collected items from around the farmyard and displayed them together around the doors of the whitewashed brick outbuildings, and the overall effect is very like the clock faces in your first photo! I love her inate style.

Carole said...

You have shown things that even I've never seen at Susie's. I've loved her house and style since I first saw her blog and have been smitten ever since. She's a sweet girl and glad you got to meet her face to face. Maybe someday if I'm lucky enough I'll get to too.

Paula will love these last few posts of her long lost sister's of the south.... haha


Blondie's Journal said...

Thanks for another wonderful tour, Laura! I love her kitchen especially, another girl that doesn't mind a little clutter on her counters! ;-D

She definitely has the style I love and I am off to visit her Etsy shop! Thanks again!


Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

That Susie sure has a fabulous home - love it, Laura! How lucky for you to see these two gorgeous homes in one trip and make new wonderful friends to boot! p.s. looking forward to your Renninger's photos...

Heaven's Walk said...

What a wonderful time you all had, Laura! Thanks for the tour of Susie's sweet home with us. It's so cozy and welcoming!

xoxo laurie

High Street Cottage said...

Just gorgeous Laura! So beautiful, that dining room and hutch are amazing. And I do believe those are the prettiest Cloche's I've ever seen. Thank you so much , you and Susie for the inspiration. xoxo tami

Julie@beingRUBY said...

HI Laura
Well Susie's house is a dream also.. and i absolutely love all the signs.. fabulous!!! She's done a wonderful job of making a rental look her own and a beautiful 'own' that is!.. that's something i find so hard here.. not allowed to put any nails in walls or paint .. so annoying. Love love that table and chairs... truly a happy place to come home to..

Have a great week.. looking forward to more.. ciao xxx Julie

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Her home looks amazing! Off to check out her blog and etsy shop, thanks Laura!!

Suz said...

Dear Laura,
This is such a wonderful tour...again! It is not that you are lucky (in my opinion), you are a sweet and loving person yourself!!!
Big hugs,

north pal said...

oh laura, grainy or not suits me just fine. thank you. Bestest,Denise

manon 21 said...

Que de trésors!
Une belle ambiance dans cette maison,tu vas chiner des 23 aussi....
Belle journée


Wilhelmiina said...

Thats an absolut fabulous home ! Beautilful photos.



Unknown said...

Hey Laura, I gotta say a simple thank you. I stopped by your post late last night and saw the picture with the vintage clock faces. I LOVED it and remembered that I had just thrown away a clock face from a vintage German clock that I had taken apart. The reason I say thank you is today is TRASH day which means I was able to grab it before it left my home. I actually grabbed all the round pieces and the face which I plan on collecting and then displaying. Thank you again for the inspiration : )

bikim said...

love her blog too!
gorgeous inspiring photos

Toyin O. said...

Lovely pictures, thanks for sharing.

Gert said...

What a wonderful home it!!!!

xoxo Gert

sandy said...

Love the beautiful white palette! So calming! Wonderful Tour!


Julie Pierce, Owner of The Loft on 2nd said...


Fishtail Cottage said...

so much character here in her home! xoxo

Country Livin' said...

WOW, this place is awesome!
Trish xo

Maison Beldecor said...

Hi Laura,
wow, so wonderful impression of a beautiful vintage home... It were so nice if I could have this great cupboard...
Warm hugs,

Vicki Boster said...

Laura - these pictures just make my heart jump - they are so beautiful - the vintage pieces and the soft colors are absolutely beautiful. What a wonderful studio - sigh~~


Rosemary said...

Hi Laura,
Thanks so much!!
Wow this home is so pretty. I love it.
I like the number 23 too. It's my anniversary.
How lucky that you got to visit such a pretty place.
Take care,

Ange said...

Chippy paint and paint brushes. The perfect artist's inspiration.
Off to bed for me but have been dying to drop by and see what you were up to. Mmm - a great coffee with gorgeous girlfriends. The quintessential winter day activity
Much love

bargainmom10 said...

I LOVE the "Winfield Floral Co" sign and would LOVE to have it if the owner ever decides to get rid of it or sell it. I realize that the chances of that aren't great, but I wanted to put dibs on it, in case. I have lived my entire 50 years in a town named "Winfield" and a sign such as this, would be the perfect compliment to my decor. I LOVE your blog and am now a follower of it. The way you decorate and show your wonderful abilities in doing so, are such an inspiration to me. Thanks for thinking of me with the sign and also for sharing such a great blog with your readers.