Monday, May 4, 2009

St. Julien

One of the up sides to being a collector is that as I look around our home there are visual reminders scattered about... of places we have been, people we have traveled with or met and many happy memories......The little coasters above remind me of being with my sister Lynn in Chicago....antiquing with her and finding these in a small shop...having coffee in the local coffee shop and visiting the farmer's market in the charming suburbs there .....and because the coasters are French..... it also conjures up wonderful memories of our trip together to Paris.....

The French carrier above brings me back to the spring that my friends Paula, Evi and I traveled to the garden show at Trade Secrets (It was held at Bunny Williams estate....remember the book.."An Affair with a House"?) and then went antiquing in Great Barrington, Ma. where we visited a wonderful shop called Metropolitain.......I do not know if the shop is still there as this was several years ago.... but the young couple who owned it traveled back to France frequently to see family and bring back merchandise..... they had so many interesting and fabulous European items for sale.

This old wine bottle was found in the basement of my cousins' hardware store in New Jersey.....they saved it for me along with an ancient hand truck knowing that I love all things old! They were right......I do love it.....great graphics and color in the rich dark blue "J".....I also love the fact that they thought of me.....It isn't soo bad being the odd eccentric one in the family.....the one that loves all the junk!

Unbelievably....tomorrow night will be my 100th post! I will be announcing a give-away tomorrow so stop back then to see the details!

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Carole said...

WoW 100th post. That's incredible since only mid Febuary. You are my BLOG QUEEN!!!!
Can't wait til tommorrow....but I'll disqualify myself now for the give away...they'll all think it's rigged.
Love ya,

Zita said...

Isn't it nice when people think you might like something and they pass along something wonderful to you? Lovely treasures - lovely photos!

cheryl kuhn said...

I would love to go junk finding with you. You come across the most wonderful things!!

Unknown said...

I just love finding old stuff. It's fun to unearth treasures that others had simply discarded. Beautiful objects!

Chrissy...The Apothecary Shop said...

Laura, you never cease to amaze me, your posts just keep getting better!! Love all your treasures, and how you capture them in your photos, hope you have a wonderful day!! Chrissy

Ali @ Betty and Violet said...

Another inspiring post! I don't think that you are the eccentric one in the family loving all the 'junk' as you put it! I often think that the odd ones are those that don't appreciate the history of old things that show the patina of the past...
Perhaps we are a rare and special breed indeed!
All of your treasures are wonderful!
Ali x

Debby said...

This is the reason I love visiting here, always the best post. Love all of your collectable. Congrats on the 100th post.