Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Babytiques and other Business

These little kewpie dolls are dressed in handmade dresses and booties.....I just discovered them in a box of old toys that was under a pile of things in the attic....I'm recalling that they were leftovers from a church sale that I helped out at.....no one wanted them so I adopted them....I can't say I took such good care of them as they have been in the box for a very long time.

The title of this vintage book is Baby's First Objects.....I love the pictures......

These baby items were all family things that were passed down....the German baby dish belonged first to my Uncle Don, then Uncle Ted and then my dad......

A mother of pearl ring with a tiny sterling silver bell....can you see the little buckle? (click to enlarge)....a baby spoon monogrammed with the letter C and a monogrammed E on a silver and mother of pearl rattle...complete with baby teeth marks!.....Babytiques!

This package wrapped so charmingly arrived last week from Ruth at The Beautiful Life blog.....
It contained my special, custom ordered pillow!!

Isn't it fabulous!!!??!!
Don't forget to pop over and sign up for The Beautiful Life's 100th post giveaway.....You won't be sorry....besides the fact that it is an extremely generous giveaway.....while you are there you can look over Ruth's lovely blog or visit her online store.....lots of wonderful things to see!


Pam @ Frippery said...

Gorgeous goodies. I love old toys and books and childhood memory pieces. So nice that you have a dish with family history. Have a lovely week! Pam

Carole said...

Those kewpie dolls are too cute and isn't that pillow just perfect for you. Thanks for the link. Ruth has some great thing in her online shop.
Talk soon,

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Hi Laura,
The kewpie dolls bring back a lot of great memories and the Mother of Pearl teething rings remind me of my daughter's that still sit on her dresser! What a wonderful pillow with your 52 - just perfect.

Bleudelavande said...

Those old toys are so cute!!! I love the dolls!!! And the pillow is gorgeus! Tank you for the link with Ruth's!
Have a nice day

sylvia said...

it is such a sweet post, it almost make you wanna have another baby...almost....

Maison Beldecor said...

Dear Laura,
the baby items are soooo cute. I think that it is verry lovley to have some souvenirs from the family. The pillow looks verry cudly and cosy and thanks for the link, there are some great goods in the store.
Have a great day!!!
hugs BINE

Les Cotrions said...

Oh they are so lovely!!! I adore children goodies...sweet memories! The pillow is stunning...I'm going to visit Ruth's web-shop!
I'm looking forwaard to meet you on September!!!
Big hugs

Floss said...

Wonderful baby items! What a varied collection, with a uniting theme! Thanks for the link, too..

lia said...

What a lovely things. Especially the baby items.

greets Lia

annemary said...

ohhhhhhhh la poupée fètiche de ma fille !!!!ou l'as tu trouvée ??????elle va bientôt être "maman" et j'aimerais lui en offrir une !!!!!au Québec j'avais trouvé un tissus avec ces poupées !bisous à+

Lisa said...

Oj I love your babytiques! Your pillow is great too!
Hugs, Lisa

cheryl kuhn said...

Wow, what a perfect pillow, I know how thrilled you must be to be able to display it in your home!

Anne Marie said...

that book is sooooo neat! what a treasure all those things are....I think I'm going to photograph the girls' room today and show you all how we summerized their room...you inspired me to show my memorbilia!!

Faded Plains said...

How perfect the pillow is for you...and love the silver baby rattle, bell and spoon...adorable!

Irma said...

Hai Laura,

The dolls are lovely. And the pillow....great.



the pillow is pretty and I love the little kewpies are so lovely!!! But my favorit is the baby silver... ce' magnifique! hugs, Mira...

Yvonne said...

I love your beautiful babytique !!! so adorable
Your pillow is also great !!!

have a nice evening !
greets Yvon

G-STYLE said...

Dear Laura,
thank you for your kind words on my blog .....I see you have some memories to share too .
I love the old family-things , they all have their own story to tell.
The two kewpiedolls are also lovely and I think you are going to take good care of them now.
The pilow is perfect with that number on it ...so enjoy all those things and "see" you next time
Big hug from Gea

Rosemary said...

All of the baby things are so cute!!!
I love old baby spoons and cups!!
I'm glad you found the dolls!
Your new pillow is so great. I am really liking the linen and burlap these days!
Have a great night,

*The Beautiful Life* said...

I can't believe I am just now getting to read this post! Thank you SO much for the pics of the pillow we had made for you! Enjoy, friend! :)


Annemary said...

comme c'est joli ces hochets et cuillère pour bébé !!!!!je m'occupe la journée....de mon petit-fils de 5mois et demi et recherche aussi ces merveilles du passé ....nous n'avons rien de famille dommage....doit tout chercher en brocante .....bisous

Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage said...

What wonderful baby items, Laura! And how special that some of them actually have been used by family members.

I love children and am so drawn to vintage baby things. My Yankee just can't understand it. I started a collection to use for my first grandchild, gave it all to my daughter - when she was pregnant - and then accepted it all back when she told me "it wasn't HER style. Oh, well. I guess you either love vintage or you don't. ;)

Liz @ the Bramblebery Cottage