Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Cast My Vote and Picked A Winner

Today was wonderful
 with a warm house, electricity and sunshine!
We are feeling so fortunate as my sister still has no power...
...and of course, so many people have lost everything as a result of Hurricane Sandy.

Mr. Flea and I got out early in order to cast our votes
 in the Presidential election.

I had a little time to take a few pictures
 of my pretty deep green Belgium bottles and French canning jars.

Thinking of using more green and red
 in my Christmas decorations this year.

I used to always use this color palette...
but then... 
...moved more toward a white and natural
 Christmas the last few years.
  I like both.
 In fact...
I also love a blue and silver and gray Christmas combination.
Perhaps I will use all three!

I will probably leave out my lavender and purple bottles
 when I decorate for Christmas ...even though...
...that could be pretty too!
It's obvious I have no idea yet which way I will go! :)

Speaking of purple bottles...
...thank you for all your comments!
The randomly selected winner of the Giveaway is...

Thanks again so much for all your support,
 words of encouragement and prayers.
 You folks are the best!


Divine Theatre said...

Congratulations to ZuZu!
I will not allow myself to think of Christmas for two more weeks (so I say)! I want to enjoy Autumn before it flees into history!
I am also trying NOT to look at the election results...



Vintage Gal said...

Beautiful bottles and jars. Your bottles are a wonderful emerald colour ~ Can't wait to see what you do for Christmas. Even though I am in Canada, I am following the election closely ~

Susan Freeman said...

Beautiful bottles! I voted this afternoon and am proudly wearing my "I Voted" sticker. Glad to hear that you are fine and have power once again.

Susan and Bentley

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Congratulations to the winner!!
So glad your home is up and running. So sad so many are having to deal with so much devastation - I just cannot imagine. :(

Low Tide High Style said...

Congratulations to ZuZu, and I'm so happy you all weren't hit any worse than you were by the storm. I hope your sister gets her power back soon, especially with the freezing cold temps we are having each night.

Your photos today are so beautiful and full of color, and all the combinations for Christmas sound good to me!


Carole said...

So happy Zuzu won I love her and her blog.
I too am doing more green this Christmas with a woodland theme in one area. Kind of fun to change things up.
Staying up late watching the election results :-)
Enjoy that heat!!! it's chilly outside

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness!!! I went to bed early last night, so I logged on @ 1:00am because I couldn't wait any longer to get the election results. And since I was already up, why not check the blogs?

Little happy dance, this is such a wonderful surprise to have won your beautiful giveaway! Thank you so much, Laura! How I love lavender-colored bottles! :)

Good to hear you have your power back - I hope your sister gets hers back soon as well.


Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

Congratulations to Zuzu! I know she'll enjoy her lavender bottle as much as I'm enjoying mine!

Pura Vida said...

I love this color of green!

Sandi said...

Congrats to ZuZu! I am sure she will be thrilled!!
I am feeling very blessed today as well. Praying for those affected by Hurricane Sandy also.

Kristie said...

Congratulations to ZuZu! I 'm sure she is doing a happy dance.

I love all the color combinations you mention as possibilities for your Christmas decor. It would be hard for me to pick one of the combinations as I like them all!

Glad you are safe and warm but I've been hearing about a nor'easter heading up the coast. I hope they are wrong about this. :(

Lee said...

Such lovely images.

Andy's Attic said...

Congrats to Zuzu. She is lucky to have one of your treasures!! Hope your sis gets power back soon!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I'm so glad you are OK and have your power back now, too. Stay safe! And congrats to Zuzu!