Thursday, June 7, 2012

71 Keys and More...

While browsing through all the goodies to be found
 at Taken For Granite in Stony Creek, 
I kept picking up old skeleton keys...a few in a dish here... placed just so in a basket there...
....until I spied The Mother Lode.
Paula....I whispered....LOOK!
Oh my...Oh me...Oh my.

71 old skeleton keys

How much are they? 
 How much for ALL of them?

We conferred....we negotiated....we conquered...
...then divided!

Here they are spread out on Paula's coffee table.

We were going to split them.
She gets half...I get half.

Now, how do we do this?
Paula poured two glasses of wine.
She sat down on one side of the table and picked her first key. 
I picked mine.
And so it went....
...until we each had 35 keys in our own little pile.

Paula's pile.

My pile. left over...
...a blank skeleton key.
Who gets that one?
wait and see...

This fabulous iron topiary was one of a pair that we found at Gather,
 Deanna's shop in Ivoryton.
(Pictures from this delightful shop to follow soon).
Paula purchased this one.

...and promptly proceeded to decorate it with her portion
 of the skeleton keys, some ivy and a burlap bird.
 (the little bird is from Ballards, a gift from Evi.)

That was fun.

We also came home from Taken For Granite
 with some of those vintage clock faces.
Here are the two that I chose.

What did we do with the 71st key?

Well, we were invited to dinner
 at Deanna's gorgeous Victorian home...
...and Paula tied it to the bottle of wine we brought!

Photos of Deanna's home and her wonderful shop Gather
 to follow soon. Additionally, more pics of Paula's creative vignettes and her home.

Tomorrow Dad and I start our road trip north
 so I probably won't get to post for a few days.
Stay tuned!
...and have a wonderful weekend!


Glenda/MidSouth said...

Like the idea of tying it to a bottle of wine. Enjoy your trip.

Angie @ Knick of Time said...

I could hug that photo of all the keys with the clock faces!
Angie @ Knick of Time

Ivy and Elephants said...

I love the topiary with all the keys, so unique. I wish I could go shopping with you girls, you find the best stuff! I'd love to have you link this to the party, it's a fabulous post!

Full Circle Creations said...

Love the keys!

amy of studio four corners said...

omg!!! Love your keys..and your process for dividing them are two lucky women!

Joolz said...

Wow what a great find! Well done!

Anonymous said...

I love the rusty keys and the clock faces. With these items you can create a very lovely vignette!

Gina at Vintage Junk in My Trunk said...

I love how you split those keys up and what you did with the last one. Very sweet.

W. theAntiquesLovers said...

You & your friends seems had fun Laura!! What you will do with yours key??? Have a nice week end at the lake!!

Art and Sand said...

Your keys are great, but I am so envious of your clock faces. I have been looking and looking to no avail. At least I find some fun things each time I go looking.

Have a great road trip!

Jennifer said...

I have just found your blog and love it! What a wonderful idea ... a nest of keys. They always look so great and as always when we have a new 'find' is the large question looming: what to do with? Fantastic ideas and pics. Look forward to reading more! x

Pura Vida said...

What a fun post

The Art of Vintique said...

I love old keys, I have huge French examples which must have been used in some marvellous Chateau where it took at least 2 strapping men to heave the doors open.
Your keys are fascinating and I think that you've definitely got the better pile.
Joasia x

Unknown said...

what FUN!!! love those rusty keys. so divine!

time worn interiors said...

Some of my all time favorite things! Keys and clock faces! Sigh!

stefanie said...

how fun!!!!!!!
and what a fun find!

Nerdy Cyberchick said...

What a clever way to utilize skeleton keys in decorating. I absolutely love your blog!

Egretta Wells blog said...

love those skeleton keys and loved how you tied one on the bottle of wine. I saw them tied with ribbon as napkin holders and loved that idea, too. They are so fun!

Dorthe said...

Dear Laura, such a wonderful post, I love the big bunch of keyes, and how you shared them :-)
The decorated topiary looks fantastic!
Happy tour with your Dad.

Anne Lorys said...

What a great find, wow!
Love your solution, too. :-)


jacklynn4 said...

Is that a plate of cheese surrounded by butter? I'll be right over:)

MEM said...

So enjoy your blog and facebook page! Wonderful photos and little tales of discovery! Rusty treasure keys!

Mary Ann Pickett said...

I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed this story of you dividing the keys and where the last one ended up.
You have a lovely blog!

Mary Ann Pickett said...

PS. I am doing a post on photography that I admire (just got a new camera). Would it be alright if I used one of your key photos and linked to this post, please?
Mary Ann

Enjoy your Sunday!

erin's art and gardens said...

love the keys!! and , as always, LOVE seeing paula's home....can't wait to see more.
happy sunday,

Unknown said...

Sooo jealous that you found all those keys! Lucky you.

Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage said...

I have a "thing" for old skeleton keys myself. But I've never counted my stash. Perhaps because IF I did, I might just have to talk myself out of buying more. ;)

Have a wonderful trip, Laura. And be sure to stop by and enter my latest giveaway.

Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage

jeanne@juNxtaposition said...

great post, wonderful i key fanatic..i loved it...(although i could never have given up half)

must love junk said...

Wow-what fun finds! I'm your newest follower-love your blog!

Lee said...

Love the images on your blog. Beautiful!

Bohemian said...

What a great way to Share with Friends! I Believe 'Scores' of abundance like that are waiting for those with a Generous Spirit to discover them for just that Purpose!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

French Kissed said...

Beautiful place to shop and gather...wish it were in my how you worked out the key share...can't wait to see more photos of her home...I am feeling very attached to those beautiful aqua goblets. Safe travels to you and your dad.


Anonymous said...

I want those keys please!


Aodhnait said...

Key looks very cute tied to the bottle! Clever!!

Anonymous said...

I came across the photo of your keys on Pinterest. Love the story that goes with it! I picked up some skeleton keys this summer at a flea market in France. They're so beautiful. I ended up making some necklaces for me and my friends. Lovely blog!