Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Aunt Jo's Chocolate Pot

This old chocolate pot and little cups and saucers  once belonged to
 Mr. Flea's Great Aunt Jo
(That's what his dad used to call her...Johanna was her name).

I love the soft pink blooms that decorate the delicate porcelain
 and have always admired it sitting in the hutch
 in my mother in law's dining room.

To my surprise, this afternoon she told me she was cleaning out
 and did I want Aunt Jo's chocolate pot?
I think it is easier for her to part with things from my father in law's side of the family than her own.

Anyway, of course I was delighted!
As I carried it out of the house the rhododendron next to the front door was just beginning to bloom...
 so I stole a few blossoms to take home with me.


Big News!
Tomorrow, Daniel will be sworn in as a New York State attorney.
Congratulations Dan! We are all so proud of you!

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Unknown said...

Beautiful chocolate pot. And the flowers set it off beautifully!

pautullo said...

Really pretty chocolate pot! What a nice gift!

Sherry said...

Very pretty chocolat pot. I am reminded that I will have to share my new "old" dishes soon. My rhododenrons are just beginning to bloom, I should bring some inside.

Vintage Gal said...

Very lovely chocolate pot. The blooms are just so delicate. Congrats to Dan~! ;-)

Vicki said...

Congrats to Dan! How exciting. Do tell me why these were called chocolate pots please?

time worn interiors said...

Congratulations goes out to Daniel!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Congratulations Daniel!! That is a such a pretty chocolate pot set.

Karen said...

Beautiful chocolate pot and congrats to Daniel.

High Street Cottage said...

Laura, this is a stunning set! The flowers too are a perfect compliment. It's beyond pretty. What a wonderful gift to inherit. Great news about Dan too, I'm assuming he's your son? hehe

Susie~From My Home To Yours said...

Hi Laura, oh what a lovely chocolate pot...sure don't seem them very much any more. I'm sure Aunt Jo is thrilled for you to have her beautiful treasures! Your mother-in-law must think that you are pretty special too!

I know you are very proud of Dan. It's a happy day!


Kateyed said...

I love Aunt Jo's chocolate set. Your mil must consider you very special. There is a set in my family, painted by an aunt, and alas and alack, I didn't get it.

I am so excited for Dan. That is wonderful news for all of you. Somehow, you breathe easier when these kids get hatched. Katie received her Clinical MSW this weekend. Now, if she can get a job, we will all relax.

I love how you did the photography, Laura, with the blossoms first. Very creative. You did a beautiful job!


Unknown said...

it s lovely, have a nice day, big hugh Kathrin

Renee said...

I never heard of a chocolate pot...is it for hot chocolate? I just would think it's a teapot! Whatever it is, it's beautiful!

Paula Parrish said...

The floral print on your new dishes is generous and the pale colors of the flowers are beautiful. Congratulations to Dan for being sworn in as a New York State attorney. Smiles, Paula

Poca Luna said...

Such a beautiful post! Those flowers are amazing and your family treasures and sweet as can be!

Miss Gracie's House said...

Gorgeous chocolate pot...I just love the name...chocolate pot...sounds just divine, doesn't it?
Had to chuckle at your last post...being on the other side of the table can be difficult...I too can get cranky with the bargain-ers...especially on a piece I have re-done...my time is worth something, right?
Happy WW!

Anne Marie said...

they are in such good condition...so pretty Laura

your last post makes me consider painting my rusty crib white - maybe I should choose like a bright yellow or turquoise though...that would be fun

your blog is always so pretty!
Anne Marie

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

I never heard of a Chocolate Pot, but this is surely a Beautiful piece. I Love it!


LaPouyette said...

Lovely images! And the coffee service looks very German to me, as well as the name Johanna sound German.
So, was Mr. Flea's great aunt originally from good old Germany?

Greetings from the Périgord,

Cottage Panache said...

Your Chocolate Pot is beautiful, what a sweet Great Aunt Mr. Flea has and lucky you! So wonderfully photographed, doing it every justice!
Sweet Wednesday

Anonymous said...

Oh what a beautiful set!! I love it when my grandmother is cleaning out, that means that I am bringing home new goodies :D
Thank you for stopping by my Blog and for the sweet comment!!

Jannet (Jannet's Country Cottage)

Bee Lady said...

Your chocolate pot is absolutely beautiful. I have some chocolate cups, no pot though :-( Mine are not the pretty pink that yours are.

Cindy Bee

Mitzi Curi said...

Beautiful chocolate set! I love the soft pinks and greens combined.

Gert said...

Oh how beautiful & the flowers are a perfect match! I'm sure you are just so excited to have inheirited it..smile.. Congratulations to Dan!

xoxo Gert

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Congrats to Daniel!!
Beautiful chocolate set!!