Monday, October 22, 2012

A Reluctant Halloween Participant

Since my children are grown...
 and we don't get any trick or treaters where we live...
I have practically ceased to decorate for Halloween.
Other than my white pumpkins of course.

It would be alright with me if we just skipped
 the entire orange, scary mess of Halloween
 and spent the entire fall season celebrating Thanksgiving!
My apologies to the many of you who love Halloween...
 My favorite holiday has always been Thanksgiving.
For our family it has always been a holiday filled with love...
love of each other, being together and love of food! the interest of full disclosure...
it may have something to do with the fact  that the holiday often falls on my birthday ... :) 

It was such a beautiful autumn day today here in New York.
The sky was so blue and the leaves on the trees
 are at their peak here in the southern part of the state.
How lucky am I to have witnessed two autumns
 in the Northeast this season?

I was able to take some photos outside
 and even had time to check out the beginnings of the new course

It is really an informative class with a fun format.
I'm excited to be a part of it!
I believe you can still sign up here...

Hoping that your week has gotten off to a good start.
If it hasn't....well, 
tomorrow is a new day...full of promise and hope.

We're looking forward to seeing
 daughter Kate and sister Karen tomorrow!

What am I grateful for today?
Sunshine, bubble wrap and little white pumpkins


White Lace and Promises said...

Love the white pumpkins on the super cool scale! Love it! The burlap pulls it all together! Wonderful blog post!

I don't care much about Halloween. Did it for my children and now rather enjoy the peace and quiet and getting ready for thanksgiving. I have now all colors of pumpkins on my porch.

Dar said...

I would be fine too, without all the Halloween hoopla, but I have GrandLoves that I would hate to disappoint so the orange pumpkins rest, scattered about. They each get one to paint or draw on to later, be carved with their father's help.
For Me, Thanksgiving is key, as well.
Have a blessed birthday month just around the corner.

Michele M./ Finch Rest said...

Well I think you decorate perfectly for fall - no biggie Halloween isn't a thing!

I love those pretty white ghost pumpkins. See? That's Halloweenie! haha!

I think this weather is amazing!

Pura Vida said...

I am just getting back into the Halloween swing because of our grand daughter. This year my hubby bought a prom tux, last year he was a monk. Fun stuff

Pura Vida said...

Ps I giving thanks the best!

oldgreymare said...

lol whatever did we do before bubble wrap? something so useful and a fun toy to boot!

Pam said...

Love your choice in Fall decor...My style. I am a new follower and can't wait to check out your lovely blog! xo's Pam

Anne said...

I am not into Halloween decorating either.I did when my daughter was small.Now that she is older I told her she can decorate her room to her hearts desire.For me I am doing a fall look filled with nature and white pumpkins and a few other funky heirloom ones too! Your photos are beautiful!

1 said...

Love the photo of the cropped scale face and white pumpkins. I miss them so much and can not find them in France....finally found a few of the orange and green gourds so those are my 'make due' for the year.

Thank you for the gorgeous dose of white Laura!

Katey said...

I am parcial to white pumpkins myself as my oldest when he was 3 proudly picked a white one and carried it around everywhere. Love your display. I am taking the Creatively Made course and very excited to hear you are going to be a part of it. :) It's amazing so far.

The Vintage Farmhouse said...

*Sigh* I love white pumpkins! Just can't find them around here.

Gina said...

Not a Halloween fan either. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year too!! :) I love the concept of being thankful (of course I love the REAL meaning of Christmas too), love the laid back relaxing day spent at my grandparent's home with family and then we always spend the evening with my husband's family. And of course the fabulous food. ;)

Kristie said...

I'm not a fan of Halloween either. It's scary, orange (my least favorite color) and downright eerie. The only part I enjoy is watching the little ones dressed up in their cute!

I love Thanksgiving too, it's a time for giving thanks and having friends and family to share it with. :)

Low Tide High Style said...

I love Halloween, though I don't do much decorating anymore since my children are grown and we don't get trick or treaters either. I love Thanksgiving too, and all of your beautiful pictures have me longing for pumpkin pie!


Carole said...

I used to like Halloween a lot more just a couple of years ago. I'm going lighter on the decorations this year but still can't give up some orange. I love it with white.
Hope you're having fun sending out your etsy goodies! Think of all the happiness you are shipping in those boxes.

Andy's Attic said...

Love your white pumpkins. Orange being my least favorite color and Halloween being my least favorite holiday, I have to admit to buying an orange flamingo with black beak. It's in my yard so I don't see it much. We must have birthdays close together. Mine is the 20th of Nov. Enjoy Kate and Karen!

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Same for me on Halloween! So glad your startup is a success! I sure know about that disappointed feelling! Haha!

Evi said...

beautiful display of your white pumpkins.
Chucks, how will you handle all my somewhat "orange" Halloween decorations when you visit me next week?! I won't say "BOOOO", I promise.
Love you lots.
Hugs, Evi

Vintage Gal said...

I would be just fine without Hallowe'en. I usually just decorate for fall. That's what I like to call it. Fall Decorations. I don't have a jack o lantern. Just white pumpkins and some indian corn. We don't have any small children and we don't get any trick o treaters. I'm with you Thanksgiving is my favourite, family, fun, love and good food

Donna said...

Hi Laura. I love your white pumpkins. I like Halloween but don't like scary stuff. So I add a few black cats, crows and friendly witches to my Thanksgiving decor. Thanksgiving is over here in Canada so I feel compelled to update my fall decorations with a few Spicy Halloween pieces. The orange looks great against my heritage blue walls.

BailiwickStudio said...

I agree... I LOVE Autumn and Thanksgiving, but don't give a hoot about the scary part of Halloween. And I love white pumpkins too!


Musings From A French Cottage said...

Your white pumpkins are beautiful and I love how they looked all nestled in that amazing scale!

Happy week to you!


Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

I am using the same decorations as you this year Laura and I agree, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday too!!

Elaine said...

I love the combination of white pumpkins, burlap, and antique scales.

Have to agree with you, not a fan of Halloween. I only decorate for Fall. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. What could be better than having a wonderful meal with friends and family with crisp air outside and fabulous cooking smells inside and then there's football!